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View as List

To see the a list of all files and folders, with lots of metadata, for fast sorting and checking, you probably want to use the List View.

selector list

Select a Catalog, and let NeoFinder show you the files and folders as a list by clicking on the second section of the view selector in the toolbar of the NeoFinder window.

Just like a spreadsheet, NeoFinder will show you a list of all items.

list view content

But much better than any spreadsheet, you can open folders and see their content embedded in the list, as this is no mere flat list, but entirely hierarchical, perfect for large folder structures.

Display Filter offers you a way to filter out unwanted items, such as XMP files, or those without a geotag or thumbnail.

You can adjust the width of each column by dragging the little grey divider line between two columns. Also, you can drag any column into another position, also by dragging its title section.

Sort the contents by clicking in the header of the column you want sorted. The little triangle next to the name of the selection column indicates the sort order, you can revert it by clicking into the header of the currently sorted column again.

View Options

The Icon View can be highly customised to suit your exact needs. If you open the
View Options, using the menu command in the View menu, you will have all options.

You can enable each of the many metadata fields that you want to see in your List View.

list view options

What is next?

3.1 Catalog one volume
3.2 Catalog many volumes (Batch Catalog)
3.3 Cataloging settings
3.5 Update existing catalogs
3.6 Import existing catalogs of other applications
3.7 Catalog a Folder
3.9 AutoUpdater: Update Catalogs automatically at a certain time
3.10 Exclude certain files and folders from cataloging

4.1 Create and use folders
4.2 Rename catalogs
4.5 Backup your NeoFinder database
4.6 Database Status
4.7 Move your NeoFinder to a new computer
4.8 Use color labels to mark interesting items
4.9 Rate your photos
4.10 Sort your NeoFinder catalog library
4.11 See what is in your catalogs - The fill bar

5.1 QuickFind
5.2 The Find Editor
5.3 Find Duplicates
5.4 NeoFinder QuickFind in the Menu
5.5 Spotlight Support in NeoFinder
5.6 The Find context menu
5.7 NeoFinder Search URLs
5.8 Find Similar Photos
5.9 Find Faces