Table of Contents       4. Organize your catalogs in NeoFinder

4.5 Backup your NeoFinder database

Once you created many catalogs, you may wonder if it would be a good idea to make a backup. That is a very good idea, as you probably spent quite some time to catalog your disks, and it is quite simple to backup your data.

As you could see above, NeoFinder stores all catalog files inside one single folder, called the NeoFinder Database folder. All you have to do is back up that entire folder with all files and folders inside it, and you are done!

The really good thing is that NeoFinder creates a separate database file for each disk or folder you have cataloged, so you don't have to back up one fat huge database file after any small change you ave made, but only those catalogs that have been added or modified. That is a huge advantage over some other products. And since the catalog file has the same name as the volume or folder that was cataloged, you can easily see which database file belongs to which catalog.

To see what folder NeoFinder uses to store all that data, you can open the Preferences window and simply look:

NeoFinder Database folder

By default, this is a folder named "NeoFinder Database", inside the "NeoFinder" folder, located in the (hidden by Apple from you since Mac OS X 10.7, for whatever reasons) /Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/ location.
You can have the Finder display the Library folder by holding down the Alt key, and selecting the Go menu in the Finder.

Or you can select LIBRARY in the main window of NeoFinder, and use the Reveal in Finder command in the Special menu or the context menu. NeoFinder will then tell the Finder to display the database folder for you, wherever it might be located. It will even select that folder for you!

NeoFinder Library

Then it should be really easy for you to copy that folder to a backup of any kind, maybe an external disk.

Please note that regular backups are essential in any work setting, and the NeoFinder database folder must be part of your backup schedule, to prevent any data loss, as outlined in the NeoFinder License Agreement.

Bringing catalog files back from your Backup
If you have a problem, or deleted some catalog files by mistake, it is easy to add them back to your NeoFinder database. Just place the individual catalog data files back inside the NeoFinder database folder. The next time you launch NeoFinder, it will recognize the new files and use them for you.