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5.4 NeoFinder QuickFind in the Menu

With the new NeoFinder QuickFind MenuItem, your NeoFinder QuickFind is only one mouse click away!

Simply activate this amazing new feature in the Preferences of NeoFinder, right in the General section.

If you activate this option, NeoFinder will immediately add this new item to the right part of your menu bar. And that is not all! NeoFinder will also make sure that this MenuItem is automatically available for you every time you restart your Mac.

If you click in the NeoFinder icon in your menu bar, the NeoFinder QuickFind field will appear. Type in your search text, and hit return! That is all.

NeoFinder will be launched for you, if necessary, and NeoFinder will perform a QuickFind for you with the text you have typed. Isn't that amazing?

And that is not all!

This amazing search field of course has a r
ecent items menu attached to it:

The little "wheel" icon on the right end offers a menu with useful commands, too.

You can quit the NeoFinder QuickFind MenuItem, or you can simply launch NeoFinder without performing any search. And last, you can display information about the version of this MenuItem.

Also, you can change the
color of the icon to gray, if the previous red style color was too much for your taste.

Please note: If you quit the NeoFinder QuickFind MenuItem, it will still be coming back the next time you restart your Mac. Please uncheck the option in the Preferences to prevent that.