Table of Contents       4. Organize your catalogs in NeoFinder

4.7 Move your NeoFinder to a new computer

If you wish to move your NeoFinder database from the existing Mac to a new one, follow these instructions:

1. Install the current version of NeoFinder on your new Mac, and
activate your license key.

2. Copy the NeoFinder Database Folder from the old to the new Mac. If you don't know where your Database Folder is located on your old Mac, please open the NeoFinder Preferences window on your old Mac, and look at the "Database Folder location" value. That is where NeoFinder stores the catalog files, and that folder must be copied to the new Mac.

You can also simply select LIBRARY in NeoFinder, and use the context menu to Reveal in Finder, which will show you the folder where your NeoFinder database is located:

Use Reveal in Finder to show the LIBRARY location of NeoFinder

3. On the new Mac, once you have copied the entire Database Folder to a proper location, maybe in your Documents folder, simply show NeoFinder where that folder is located.

That was all.

This technique can also be used if you are extending your Personal License to a Business License, and you want to share your NeoFinder database with other Macs or PCs (running abeMeda for Windows)
in your network. In this case, copy the NeoFinder Database folder from your local disk to a shared server volume, and then change the "Database Folder location" setting in the Preferences to point to the new folder on the server.

Please do NOT try to "Import" the catalogs, as the Import feature in NeoFinder is intended for catalog files of other applications. See chapter 3.6 for details.

Also, do NOT drag the NeoFinder Database folder into the main window of NeoFinder, as that will create a catalog of that folder, and that is not what you want. See chapter 3.7 for details.