Table of Contents       4. Organize your catalogs in NeoFinder

4.13 Display Filter

Sometimes you want to see only certain items in the NeoFinder views, but as NeoFinder always catalogs everything it finds, you need a filter for that.

The Display Filter is located underneath the content that NeoFinder displays:

You activate the filter with the checkbox to the left, or use the menu command "Display Filter" in the "View" menu.

display filter menu command

If the Display Filter is active, NeoFinder will append the text" (filtered)" to the name of the folder currently being displayed, as a reminder.


The text field next to it allows you to filter for items by their name. If you type any text in there, NeoFinder will only show items that contain this text in their name.

Please note that NeoFinder will still display folders here, as these are needed for navigation in the data hierarchies of your catalogs.

The first of the three menus allows you to select items of a specific type, and based on the "has a thumbnail" and "has GPS metadata" attributes. That is super useful if you are
geotagging your images, and only want to see items that contain no geotags yet.

Menu two offers filters based on the
Rating of items.

The third menu deals with the
Labels in NeoFinder.


To deactivate one of three menus, simply use the top option, "All items".

The filter values are always used linked with the logical AND operator. So, for example, if you type in a filter text, and set the ratings menu to show you all items with rating 5, NeoFinder will only show items that both contain the typed text in their name AND have a rating of 5.

Starting with NeoFinder 7.5, the values of these options are actually stored in the NeoFinder Preferences, so they are available for you the next time you use NeoFinder.

Please note that this may cause unexpected behaviour, for example, if you asked the Display Filter to show only Photos, and you are surprised there are no video files in your NeoFinder catalog…

In these cases, make sure you have set up the Display Filter as you really need it…