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5.1 QuickFind

If you just need a super quick way of finding anything, you can now use the Quick Find function, directly in the toolbar of the main NeoFinder window. Once you type in your text and hit the Return key, NeoFinder will immediately start to search all catalogs for any items that contain that text. That equals the Any Text parameter of the
Find Editor.

Let NeoFinder search for Katzenjammer

In this case, NeoFinder will search for any text field that contains the exact text "Katzenjammer"
(which is a very cool Norwegian music band, btw. More info here:

But this is not all! QuickFind can do a lot more for you!

NeoFinder finds all your items with Roger Hodgson in it

In this case, NeoFinder will look for any item that contains both the words "Roger" and "Hodgson".

Roger Hodgson is one of the founders and voice of the legendary band Supertramp, a great musician, and currently touring the world: Tour.

If you need to make sure that NeoFinder searches for the exact phrase consisting of more than one word, enclose the text in "" like this:

NeoFinder can find exact phrases as well

That was easy!

NeoFinder has a QuickFind history
And then there is the history of previous searches that is available to you from the little menu here.

Which you can delete at any time with the Delete command.

And another
cool tip for all of you who have read so far: You can also quickly get into the QuickFind editor by using the Command-Shift-F menu shortcut! That even works when other windows of NeoFinder are currently active!

If you need more control over what you search for, you can use the powerful
Find Editor.