Table of Contents       5. Find

5.5 Spotlight Support in NeoFinder           

How to activate the Spotlight Search in NeoFinder             

NeoFinder can search the Spotlight database of Mac OS X when performing a Find. This will give you access not only to the data stored in your catalog database of NeoFinder, but at the very same time also full access to all locally stored files and their metadata. So you can search the NeoFinder database and all local files at the same time! No other tool offers this amazing integration!

Of course, as NeoFinder also handles a lot of metadata, such as EXIF and IPTC data of photos, or the MP3 tags of audio files. The appropriate Find parameters in NeoFinder are directly mapped to those of Spotlight for such queries as well.

Please note that there is no Spotlight plugin for NeoFinder catalog files. Such a plugin would allow you to use the Finder directly to search the NeoFinder catalogs. This is not possible due to the limited, single file based, architecture of Spotlight. which is designed to hold metadata based on single files per entry. But NeoFinder catalog files sometimes have data for hundreds of thousands of files and folders with their metadata, and that just doesn’t work with Spotlight.