Table of Contents       5. Find

5.6 The Find context menu

To quickly find items in NeoFinder similar to an existing item, you can also use the powerful Find context menu.

Just anywhere in NeoFinder (even in the Found Items list, of course), select a file or folder, and open the context menu for it. Depending on the type of the item, you can see one of these context menus.

(audio file)
NeoFinder Audio Find Context Menu

This Find context menu contains powerful options to locate similar files, such as those created on the same day, even in any year, or the audio tags related possibilities, such as other songs of the same album or artist.

(photo file)
NeoFinder Photo Find Context Menu

Here, the Find context menu contains the photo related options, such as a search for the IPTC location name ("Irland"), a GPS location, or EXIF date related options.

If you need more control over what you search for, you can use the powerful Find Editor.

There is even a very cool way to
display all files of a certain kind in a folder and all its subfolders! You can use that to display all photos, videos, or songs in an entire folder hierarchy!