Table of Contents       22. NeoFinder and Videos

22.9 Rotate Videos

NeoFinder 8.3 is able to rotate mp4 and mov videos files in 90° increments. You use this the exact same way as when rotating photos.

All you have to do it select the video or multiple video files you wish to rotate, and use the “Rotate Right (clock wise)” or “Rotate Left (counter clock wise)” command in the Item menu, or in the context menu.

Unfortunately, the AVI-Format does not allow for lossless rotation, so we cannot offer support this option for AVI files.

22.1 Movie Contact Sheet
22.2 Movie Metadata
22.3 NeoFinder and RED video files
22.4 Video playback in NeoFinder
22.5 NeoFinder and BlackMagic BRAW video files
22.6 Final Cut Pro X Projects and NeoFinder
22.7 Use ffmpeg for more video file support in NeoFinder
22.8 Video Converter
22.9 Rotate Videos
22.10 KYNO Metadata