Table of Contents       22. NeoFinder and Videos

22.6 Final Cut Pro X Projects and NeoFinder

NeoFinder 8.2 is able to catalog project information for Final Cut Pro X project files.

Final Cut Pro Projects

If you have enabled the cataloging of video metadata in the
Cataloging Settings, NeoFinder will look inside ".fcpxmld" packages, which Final Cur Pro X uses to store your project related information.

At this time, NeoFinder will generate a list of all keywords that are assigned to any sequence in the project, and a list of all video files that are used by the project.

We are looking into adding additional information here, and maybe even allow you to edit some of these, so we are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

If you wish to make sure that any video files actually directly contained in the project packages, make sure to turn OFF the option to
Ignore Package Contents in the Cataloging Settings.

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