Table of Contents       22. NeoFinder and Videos

22.4 Video playback in NeoFinder

NeoFinder is able to play video files for you directly from inside the application, no extra software needed.

This currently is possible in the
Gallery View as that offers a large enough playback area.

Select a movie file that is currently online on one of the mounted volumes on your Mac, and hit the Space key on your keyboard.
movie playback
Alternatively, you can use the Play / Pause menu command in the Item menu, or the F19 key on the extended keyboard of your Mac.

You can use all the regular playback controls, such as change the volume, or scrub the slider in the movie to get to the desired position.

NeoFinder will remember the selected volume for the next movie file you may wish to play.


This feature supports video formats that Apples AVFoundation can handle, such as .mov, .mp4, .m4v, and even some .avi files. As there exist a huge range of audio and video codecs used for these container files, there may be files that NeoFinder cannot play for you.

The amazing movie we have used in the screenshot was created by
Santos Ramos. You definitely want to watch it.

There is a lot more!

NeoFinder also offers a
Movie Contact Sheet
And NeoFinder reads a lot of cool metadata for you:
22.2 Movie Metadata
NeoFinder can even catalog RED videos:
22.3 NeoFinder and RED video files
22.5 NeoFinder and BlackMagic BRAW video files
22.6 Final Cut Pro X Projects and NeoFinder
22.7 Use ffmpeg for more video file support in NeoFinder
22.9 Rotate Videos