Table of Contents       22. NeoFinder and Videos

22.5 NeoFinder and BlackMagic BRAW video files

As we have received a lot of requests to support the very popular BlackMagic RAW format ".braw" as well, we have integrated the nice BlackMagic API to NeoFinder, and when cataloging video metadata, NeoFinder will now generate both thumbnails and metadata for these files.

You of course get the important information, such as the timecode, camera model and lens name, frame rate, video bitrate, and size and duration, of course.

BlackMagic BRAW Thumbnails and Metadata

22.1 Movie Contact Sheet
22.2 Movie Metadata
22.3 NeoFinder and RED video files
22.4 Video playback in NeoFinder
22.6 Final Cut Pro X Projects and NeoFinder
22.7 Use ffmpeg for more video file support in NeoFinder
22.9 Rotate Videos