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17.3 Lossless picture rotation

Sometimes, your digital camera or iPhone has the wrong idea of how you held the camera, and wether you wanted a shot to be in landscape or portrait mode.

Starting with NeoFinder 7.1, you can quickly rotate these pictures, not only in the NeoFinder database, but also the actual file on your disk, so that other applications can use the proper direction as well.

All you have to do it select the image or multiple images you wish to rotate, and use the “Rotate Right (clock wise)” or “Rotate Left (counter clock wise)” command in the Item menu, or in the context menu.

NeoFinder will then rotate the selected photo for you in the indicated direction. If you need to rotate a photo by 180 degrees, simply use one of the two commands twice.

To undo a rotation, simply rotate the picture back into the other direction.

The cool thing here is that NeoFinder will NOT actually change even a single pixel in your picture. Especially for JPG photos, that is very important, as actually changing pixels in them means to lose data, because JPG is not lossless.

How can NeoFinder accomplish that? It simply changes the EXIF orientation information! That won’t change the actual pixels of the picture, but tell the software that uses the photo of the desired direction. That is quick and elegant.

However, since not all photo file formats actually support that EXIF orientation tag, this will work only with the following file formats:


Also, as NeoFinder changes the actual data on your disk, NeoFinder will only offer these two commands for cataloged photos that are currently available on a mounted volume on your Mac.

It is really easy now to get the properly rotated photos in your NeoFinder!

17.1 Photo Contact Sheet

17.2 Adobe XMP, EXIF and IPTC meta data

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