Table of Contents                                                   13. Inspector

13.9 EXIF Editor

Edit the text based EXIF fields of your photos and videos directly inside of NeoFinder.

Use the new tools button in the EXIF section of the Inspector for a photo:

exif editor tools menu Inspector

Or the main menu, in the Metadata submenu, which will work for multiple selected files:

exif editor main menu command

This will open the EXIF Editor for the select item. This even works for multiple selected photos at once!

exif editor

You can edit all eight textual fields here, and when you are done, use the
Save button to write back the new values into the selected files.

Please note that for multiple selected files, NeoFinder will only show you the existing values of the very first selected item. Please keep that in mind when editing multiple files.


Online only
As NeoFinder will write all changes you make to the EXIF data directly to disk, this will only work for files that are currently online. NeoFinder will not just keep your precious data in its catalog, but write it to disk, so that other applications in your workflow can access this data immediately, too. No need to additionally use some kind of “write to disk” command or such.
But this will also mean that the EXIF editor is only displayed for cataloged items that are actually currently online on your computer.