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13.10 More Finder Info

You can open a NeoFinder Inspector with all metadata for any file in the Finder, even if it is not cataloged with NeoFinder yet!

In the Finder, select the file, and open the contextual menu for it.

You will have a command named
NeoFinder: More Info there, if you have NeoFinder properly installed in the Applications folder.

more-info menu command

If you select that command, NeoFinder will display a new Inspector window for the selected file, with all known metadata, and even the XMP Editor for suitable files and file formats!

There, you can inspect or even edit the XMP metadata, just as you need it.

more-info inspector

The additional option Follow Finder Selection allows you to browser through your files in the Finder, and NeoFinder will update the content of the More Info window according to the currently selected file.


One file only!

This particular feature only works with a single selected file. If you wish to batch edit the XMP metadata for multiple files, or use the other powerful features of NeoFinder, catalog these files first.

Drag file into NeoFinder

Instead of using the Finder context menu, you can also drag the file into the NeoFinder icon in your Dock to open the More Info window for this file.

Online only

As NeoFinder will write all changes you make to the EXIF data directly to disk, this will only work for files that are currently online. NeoFinder will not just keep your precious data in its catalog, but write it to disk, so that other applications in your workflow can access this data immediately, too. No need to additionally use some kind of “write to disk” command or such.
But this will also mean that the EXIF editor is only displayed for cataloged items that are actually currently online on your computer.

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13.10 More Finder Info