Table of Contents       17 NeoFinder and Photos

17.7 Photo Export

If you need to export or convert photos to a different format or size, look no further!

No need for any external software any more, let NeoFinder do the job!

Simply select one or several photo files in any catalog of NeoFinder, and open the Context Menu, and select Export Photos to...

NeoFinder Photo Export Command

NeoFinder will then ask you for the location, format, and size for the exported files.

Additionally, you can ask NeoFinder to add all EXIF and IPTC metadata (including geotags) to the exported photo files.

NeoFinder Photo Export Settings

If the original volume of your photos is not online, NeoFinder will ask you to connect the device or insert the disk, to be able to read the original photo files.


17.1 Photo Contact Sheet

17.2 Adobe XMP, EXIF and IPTC meta data

17.3 Lossless picture rotation

17.4 Edit the EXIF creation date

17.5 Truncate JPG files

17.6 Photographer Workflows

17.8 Astronomy files (.fits)

5.8 Find Similar Photos