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17.8 Astronomy data

FITS files

NeoFinder can catalog thumbnails and metadata of ".fits" files used for astronomy, for telescopes, including for data from the Hubble Space Telescope, or the images of the brand new James Webb Space Telescope!

NeoFinder will read the
thumbnail and metadata if the "Photos" option in the Cataloging Preferences is activated.

As the
file format can contain huge amounts of different data, NeoFinder currently relies on a working QuickLook plugin for the visual thumbnail. A great tool for that is the free QuickFits application, to be found here:

Currently, file name suffixes ".fits" and ".fit" are supported. If you use different suffixes, please contact us and send us some sample files!

catalog FITS files

NeoFinder itself will read the
textual metadata contained in the FITS files, and map them into the suitable existing EXIF fields, and add additional information data to the text content section in the Inspector.

FITS metadaten

If the GPS location of the telescope is available, it will be shown in the EXIF section.

FITS more metadata

This metadata can be searched by the "Text Content" Find Editor parameter, with options like "contains".

FITS Find setup

AVM (Astronomy Visualization Metadata Standard)

Embedded in many astronomical images, you can find the AVM data. It is stored in standard XMP records in many formats, and NeoFinder will read important fields of that data for you now.

It will be shown in the Inspector in the
Text Preview section, and you can use standard Find Editor settings to search this data.

AVM Metadata Text

Read more about that standard here:


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17.2 Adobe XMP, EXIF and IPTC meta data
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17.8 Astronomy data
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