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17.4 Edit the EXIF creation date

A very valuable information in digital photos is the EXIF creation date, which your camera automatically writes to the files when they are created.

But sometimes you travel to a different time zone, and you have the camera set to the wrong location. Or you have received digital images with no EXIF date at all.

For these cases, NeoFinder can edit the EXIF date of one or multiple photos for you.

You can reach the new EXIF Date Editor by using the Inspector label menu for an EXIF date:

exif adjust inspector lable menu

Or select the photos you need to edit and use the Metadata context menu:

exif adjust cmm

Or use the same entry in the
Item main menu in the menu bar.

All of these will open the EXIF editor for you.

EXIF Date Time Editor shift

You can either set the EXIF creation date of all selected items to a specific value, or do a time zone shift.

For the
time zone shift, you can now specify the exact amount in hours (regular time zones), minutes (for special time zones with a 30 minute shift, for example), and even seconds, if you need precise time adjustments, and the camera clock was just a little bit off.

Please note that for the "seconds" to work properly, you want to make sure you have cataloged your data with NeoFinder 8.1, as previous versions of NeoFinder only recorded minutes and hours of the EXIF capture date.

This will actually change the EXIF record of the selected files, so this will only work if the original files are online, and writable by NeoFinder.

Starting with NeoFinder 8.2, you can now even edit the EXIF Capture Date
directly in the Inspector. It will show you the normal date/time editor for one selected item, making this much easier.

EXIF Capture Date editor in Inspector


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17.4 Edit the EXIF creation date
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