Table of Contents        30. Auto Keywords

30.3 Download AutoTags Engines

Download AutoTags engines from here.

At this time, two engines are available, more are in preparation.

Also, if you can use Xcode, you can actually develop your own, using our
easy NeoFinder AutoTags Engine API for that.

MobileNet Engine

MobileNetV2 is a significant improvement over MobileNetV1 and pushes the state of the art for mobile visual recognition including classification, object detection and semantic segmentation.

This is a rather fast and compact engine that has nice results.

Download MobileNet for NeoFinder (16 MB)

Version 1.1: "Notarized" for macOS 10.15

Inception V3 Engine

Inception V3 is a much larger and also slower engine that creates better results than MobileNet

Download Inception for NeoFinder (88 MB)

Version 1.1: "Notarized" for macOS 10.15

How to Install

Please uncompress the ZIP file you have downloaded from this page, and drag the resulting folder named
MobileNetAIBundle.NeoFinderAIBundle onto the NeoFinder icon in your Dock. NeoFinder will automatically copy the folder to the proper PlugIns folder.

Or bring up the AutoTags-Engines window in NeoFinder and use "Reveal in Finder" command to show you the
PlugIns folder that NeoFinder has created and will use. Place the uncompressed .NeoFinderAIBundle folder in there.

Next steps:
30.1 AutoTag Inspector
30.2 Find AutoTags in a Catalog
30.4 AutoTags Engine API

Please note that the AutoTags feature in NeoFinder requires macOS 10.13 or newer, as it makes heavy use of the Machine Learning framework that Apple is offering there.