Table of Contents        30. Auto Keywords

30.1 AutoTags Inspector

To explore what the new AutoTags engines "see" in your thumbnails, you can use the AutoTags Inspector. Select a photo with a thumbnail, and use the context menu.

Open the AutoTags Inspector

The new AutoTags Inspector panel will show you the details:

The content of that Inspector is context aware, so if you select a different photo or video in a NeoFinder catalog or Album, it will update its values.

The AutoTags Inspector shows the file name of the selected item, and the XMP Keywords in the NeoFinder catalog. Below that, you can see the most likely AutoTags that the active engine has found, including the probability of a match.

The selected engine in this example, "MobileNetAI", has added a numerical ID value for each Tag it has found. Other engines don't do that, and we will later change the behaviour of MobileNetAI as well.

At this time, the AutoTags are not localised, so only english expressions are shown.

You can use the AutoTags Inspector already to actually change the XMP keywords for the image. Select some text in the AutoTags field and drag it into the Keywords section. Or type suitable keywords yourself for this item.

Next steps:
30.2 Find AutoTags in a Catalog
30.3 Download AutoTags Engines
30.4 AutoTags Engine API

Please note that the AutoTags feature in NeoFinder requires macOS 10.13 or newer, as it makes heavy use of the Machine Learning framework that Apple is offering there.