Table of Contents       9. AppleScript

9.1 The NeoFinder AppleScript dictionary

Once you have opened the scripting dictionary of NeoFinder in the Script Editor from Apple, or maybe Script Debugger, you will see a complete list of all object and commands that NeoFinder supports.

If you enjoy using AppleScript, you will be thrilled to hear that
we are massively expanding the AppleScript dictionary in NeoFinder 8.3. Please contact us for a beta version and provide feedback!

NeoFinder Suite

n : The application's top-level scripting object
found items

database folder path
(text) : path to database folder
catalog amount (number, r/o) : amount of catalogs in current database
catalog folder amount (number, r/o) : amount of catalog folders in current database
found items amount (number, r/o) : amount of found items in last query
searching (number, r/o) : a Find operation is currently in progress. 1 if true, 0 if not

found itemn : A found item
contained by

name (text, r/o) : the name of the item
size (number, r/o) : the size of the item
kind (text, r/o) : the kind of the item
complete path (text, r/o) : path of the item with both the disk and actual item name
finder path (text, r/o) : the actual real Finder path for the item, including the path to the cataloged folder or disk, in Unix format

v : find any text in all catalogs
find text

catalogv : Catalog/Update a folder or disk
catalog file
eject afterwards boolean] : eject the volume after cataloging is finished? (if possible...)
canUpdate boolean] : if true, then update catalog if it already exists and is not up-to-date
canDuplicate boolean] : if true, then duplicate catalog if it already exists and is up-to-date