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9. AppleScript

AppleScript is a powerful scripting language that you can use to control NeoFinder, and get data out of it. In combination with other applications, you can add abilities to NeoFinder that do not exist yet! One example is the FileMaker Pro integration in NeoFinder, which is only possible using AppleScript.

As AppleScript is a real programming language, it would be a good idea to be quite comfortable with it, and to write some simple scripts first, to learn how it works.

To use the power of AppleScript in NeoFinder, you must first know about the abilities of NeoFinder. To see a dictionary of all AppleScript commands that NeoFinder provides, please run the AppleScript Editor from Apple, located in the
Utilities folder.

If you are into serious scripting, a very useful product that I myself also use to development is Script Debugger from "Late Night Software Ltd." to be found at This is a very powerful tool, and I can only recommend it.

Please note that to use AppleScript in macOS 10.14 and newer, you must allow NeoFinder to use it in the new and buggy AppleScript Cage dialogs from Apple. Otherwise, this will not work and NeoFinder will generate error messages.

We have massively expanded the AppleScript dictionary in NeoFinder 8.3. Please Check out the current dictionary of NeoFinder for the new options!

9.1 The NeoFinder AppleScript dictionary
9.2 The Scripts menu and folder
9.3 Find by AppleScript
9.4 Change the preferences of NeoFinder
9.5 Cataloging and updating
9.6 Use the Selection