NeoFinder iOS 1.3 available now!

Icon of NeoFinder iOS

NeoFinder iOS 1.3 is available today!

Apple has finally approved the new version 1.3 of NeoFinder for iOS, so you can update now, or get a license for your iPhone or iPad.

New features in NeoFinder iOS 1.3:
- NeoFinder iOS can now look inside folders and sub-folders of your Dropbox
- Massively expanded and improved Find Editor with many new options. You can now select which fields you wish to search, and what type of files or folder you need to find. Also, you can limit the results to items with a thumbnail
- Delete your catalogs using a simple "swipe left" gesture, just like you delete items in Mail and other apps
- Navigate in the Inspector for the previous or next element in the list by swiping left or right
- The Inspector now shows the EXIF and especially IPTC (Adobe XMP) data for any item that actually contains them, not just for photos
- Improved visual display on iPads with iOS 9
- The links in the About text can now actually be clicked, and will open in Safari, as expected
- Many minor improvements and fixes

Find out more on the NeoFinder iOS web site:
and on Facebook:

NeoFinder iOS 1.3 is available today in the Apple App Store!

NeoFinder is an amazing cataloger tool, not just for photography


“NeoFinder is an amazing cataloger tool, not just for photography”
A brand new episode of the popular photo blog Q and A Photo by Paul Atkins talks about DAM (Digital Asset Management), and how the amazing NeoFinder can help you with this.

“...Incredibly powerful...”

If you are a photographer, and you are interested in how to safely store and organize your precious digital photos, this show will give you some really great ideas!

The part about DAM starts around 20 minutes into the show, and they talk about NeoFinder starting at around 34 minutes.

Check out the entire fascinating audio show

NeoFinder 6.8 released!

NeoFinder Icon 128 px Alpha

NeoFinder 6.8 for Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan available today!

Just in time for the release of Apples new operating system El Capitan (Mac OS X 10.11), we can offer you a new version of NeoFinder that will work fine in that new system, and contains a lot of cool new features, too!

Features and Improvements of NeoFinder 6.8:

  • NeoFinder 6.8 is certified to run in Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan!
  • Add or change keywords (Finder Tags) for all files and folders! NeoFinder will not only store these keywords/tags in its catalog, but also attaches them to your original files and folders, just like Apples Finder does
  • Find performance is now faster in Yosemite and El Capitan (that is a serious bug from Apple, and we worked around it)
  • New Find Editor parameter: “Has no Tag”
  • Cataloging XMP data will now give precedence to XMP over possible IPTC tags in a file
  • NeoFinder now recognizes ExFAT volume types
  • Fixes several memory problems during cataloging
  • Fixes a problem in the “Any Text doesn’t contain” Find Editor parameter
  • Fixes a problem with the regex Find parameter
  • Fixes a possible problem when cataloging certain malformed MOV video files. NeoFinder will no longer seem to “hang” in that case
  • Fixes a problem in the “Find All Files in this Folder” context menu command
  • Fixes a problem when cataloging the textual content of certain PDF files
  • Fixes a problem when finding in a very large, very busy database folder in a network setup

NeoFinder 6.8
10 MB (Mac OS X 10.6.8, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, or 10.11 El Capitan)

NeoFinder 6.8 is a free update for all NeoFinder 6.x customers.
NeoFinder 6.8 is a paid upgrade for CDFinder customers More...
NeoFinder requires 64 bit Mac OS X 10.6.8 or newer! If you use an older Mac OS X, we still have older NeoFinder and CDFinder versions for you.

NeoFinder iOS 1.2 available today!

Icon of NeoFinder iOS

NeoFinder iOS 1.2 available today!

And it is getting better again! We have added a number of highly useful abilities to the brand new NeoFinder iOS 1.2 today.

Apple has already approved the new version, so you can update now, or use this to get a license for your iPhone as well.

New features in NeoFinder iOS 1.2:

- NeoFinder iOS can now update catalogs from the Dropbox
- This version has new icons
- Delete any catalog by swiping it to the left in the catalogs list
- The Inspector now has an Up and Down arrow, allowing you to navigate through your items, just like Apples Mail app
- The search for photos and movies on a map is now called GeoFinder again, and also available from the map in the Inspector
- Several minor improvements and fixes

Find out more on the NeoFinder iOS web site:
and on Facebook:

NeoFinder iOS 1.2 is available today in the Apple App Store!

NeoFinder: The Holy Grail of media asset management

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 09.26.47

“[NeoFinder is] the Holy Grail of media asset management”
Yes, that is the amazing praise that David Gerwitz finds for NeoFinder!

And there is more!

“..I needed something that actually worked, and NeoFinder knocks it out of the park for under fifty bucks."

“...I set about importing my files into NeoFinder. Some time later (without crashing) it had them all imported into its databases. A search (NeoFinder is also integrated with the Mac's Spotlight) takes seconds...
Oh, as for file limits: 4,000,000,000 catalogs. That's not files. That's the number of catalogs of files NeoFinder can handle. I think we're good for a while, don't you?”

“...Although now it's called NeoFinder [it] handles all sorts of media. When I say "all sorts of media," I mean it. I can't go into all the formats this thing handles, but it goes way beyond my needs to a wide variety of music formats, video formats, movie formats, document formats, and more.”

Read the entire article:

NeoFinder iOS 1.1 available today!

Icon of NeoFinder iOS

NeoFinder iOS 1.1 available today!

With all the amazing feedback we have received for the initial version, we are very happy today to give you the improved and enhanced version 1.1 of NeoFinder for iOS!

New features in NeoFinder iOS 1.1:

- NeoFinder iOS now runs in 64 bit on suitable iOS devices
- The Find Popup is now much more elegant, and can be accessed from most places in NeoFinder iOS. It allows you to tell NeoFinder which types of files you wish to Find, and opens the GeoFinder (search for photos and movies on a map) as well
- You can now Find similar files from inside the Inspector, like all songs of an Album, or files created at the same day, or files of the same size. Just select the attribute in the Inspector, and use the new Find menu!
- You can now Copy text from any field in the Inspector by tapping on the data
- Open any NeoFinder or abeMeda catalog file (suffix ".neofinder" and ".cdw") directly from, or GoodReader, or Dropbox, or other apps who offer an "Open with" command for files
- Improved the Dropbox connection! It has a nicer user interface, a better progress, and you can logout of your Dropbox account, if you wish to do so.
- The Inspector now displays the Tags, FileCheck, and the ID3 comment
- The Progress during a Find is visually improved
- The Info area now has links to the NeoFinder Facebook page, and Support page
- Further improvements:
- The ID3 Lyrics are no longer truncated at the top of the display
- The About view no longer crashes in certain localised versions
- The version of the NeoFinder iOS app is now being shown during startup
- The place search field of the GeoFinder is no longer truncated in iOS 7 and iOS 8
- Increases stability and performance

Find out more on the NeoFinder iOS web site:
and on Facebook:

NeoFinder iOS 1.1 is available today in the Apple App Store!

NeoFinder 6.7.1 released!

NeoFinder Icon 128 px Alpha

NeoFinder 6.7.1 for Mac released!

This is a fix for a memory leak that we have found in the DPX code after the release of NeoFinder 6.7. It also contains one new feature as well.

What is new in NeoFinder 6.7.1:

  • Catalogs previews of ".psb" (Photoshop, Large Document Format) files
  • Fixes a memory leak when cataloging large amounts of DPX (Digital Picture Exchange) video still images

NeoFinder 6.7 released!

NeoFinder Icon 128 px Alpha

NeoFinder 6.7 for Mac released!

We are proud to present you a brand new version of NeoFinder for Mac! We have improved cataloging, and handling of your catalogs quite a bit.

Here is a short list of what is new in NeoFinder 6.7:

  • Can now catalog the contents Open Office text files ('.odt' and '.ott')
  • NeoFinder can now catalog DPX images and read their SMTPE timecode
  • Added support to catalog PhaseOne RAW images ('.iiq')
  • Added support to catalog Leica RAW images ('.rwl')
  • NeoFinder can now catalog the structure of CBR and CBZ (Comic Book Archives) files
  • You can now edit the comment for multiple items in catalogs at once in the Inspector
  • Several additional columns can now be edited directly in the List View
  • You can now catalog the Adobe XMP data in PNG images
  • Several Importers can ignore invisible files during the Import
  • You can now sort the Icon View by Modification Date and by Path
  • The DatabaseSettings.xml now has a new section to completely ignore certain files during cataloging, for example XMP sidecar files
  • IPTC keywords and Tags are now displayed sorted in the Inspector
  • You can now edit the item names in Column View
  • Pasting catalog icons now works in Mac OS X Yosemite on Retina iMacs
  • You can now double click Spotlight results to open them in the Finder
  • Reading Microsoft Word '.doc' and '.docx' file contents can no longer crash during cataloging

And a lot more!

NeoFinder for iPhone and iPad is here!

Ready for Sale!

NeoFinder for iPhone and iPad is here!

We are incredibly happy and proud to give you NeoFinder for iOS!

After three years of hard work, and countless hours pouring over the details of bringing the power of NeoFinder to this small device, we have released NeoFinder iOS 1.0, and Apple has approved it to the Apple App Store.

It was quite an accomplishment to make the mighty NeoFinder work with the little memory and small screen of the iPhone or iPad, but we made a nice and compact iOS version of this amazing Digital Asset Management tool for you.

  • Keep the NeoFinder catalogs of your entire digital library always with you!
  • Use Dropbox or iTunes to upload your NeoFinder catalog files to your iPhone or iPad.
  • Find your photos, movies, songs, and any cataloged data quickly on your iPhone or iPad, wherever you go.
  • Limit the search to only photos, songs, or movies.
  • The Inspector shows you all the details of your cataloged files, including Previews, EXIF, IPTC, ID3, XMP, song lyrics, cover art, if they are included in your catalogs.
  • Geotags of photos or movies are displayed on the map.
  • Geosearch for all photos or movies within the visible range of the map.

More on the new NeoFinder iOS web site:

NeoFinder iOS is available today in the Apple App Store!

NeoFinder featured in macnn

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 09.15.32

A very nice NeoFinder review of the good people of macnn:

"Since NeoFinder v6.6 is available for download as a trial, we recommend giving it a try for yourself if you're on the hunt for something to help organize a notable breadth of digital information. Since it is indeed a comprehensive tool for managing a catalog (of which we can't thoroughly cover in a brief review), we feel that those who will benefit most from NeoFinder are companies, ranging in size, that require detailed aggregation of files they hold onto."

Read more:

NeoFinder 6.6 released!

NeoFinder Icon 128 px Alpha

NeoFinder 6.6 for Yosemite released!

Shortly after the release of Apples new operating system Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, we are happy to announce an amazing new NeoFinder version which uses the new abilities and has a lot of improvements for older Mac OS X versions as well!

Here is a short list of what is new in NeoFinder 6.6:

  • NeoFinder 6.6 is certified to run in Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite!
  • Cataloging of modern RAW photos is now up to three times faster
  • NeoFinder now catalogs a text preview of the content of PDF files
  • A new Photo Contact Sheet generates beautiful PDF files from your photos
  • New Importer for Delicious Library XML Export files
  • New Importer for SuperCat (Windows) ".idx" catalog files
  • Cataloging of MKV, WMV, AVI, and FLV video files now works better and faster if you have ffmpeg installed (especially in Mavericks and Yosemite)
  • NeoFinder 6.6 can catalog the iCloud Drive in Yosemite
  • NeoFinder 6.6 can use the iCould Drive in Yosemite to store its database folder
  • Several Importers (ADC, BRU, Cache-A, DiskCatalogMaker) and Archive readers (zip, rar, tar) now have a massively improved performance, especially for very large files
  • NeoFinder now generates thumbnails for PowerCADD CAD files (.pc9 format)
  • NeoFinder now catalogs the ISRC data in WAV files
  • After cataloging or updating, a User Notification is displayed in the Notification Center (Mac OS X 10.8 and above)
  • The maximum pixel size for thumbnails is now 640
  • Printing the Icon View now adds a nice header on each page
  • The Find Editor has two new File Kinds you can search for: 'RAW' and 'Media File'
  • It is now possible to delete multiple schedules in the AutoUpdater at once
  • Deployment of NeoFinder in Multi-User environments is now much easier, as the NeoFinder data folder can now be located in /Library/Application Support/
  • New List View columns for height, width and duration of media items

And a lot more!

Announcing NeoFinder for iOS!

NeoFinder for iPhone or iPad!!

Announcing NeoFinder for iOS!

After more than two years of development effort, we are incredibly proud to announce NeoFinder for iOS!

NeoFinder is the very
first tool of this kind to offer your digital media catalogs "to go" on your iPhone or iPad!

NeoFinder for iPhone or iPad!!

We are about to launch the Beta Test, so if you are a licensed NeoFinder or abeMeda for Windows user, and you wish to take your catalogs with you on your iPhone or iPad, please contact us, we still have a couple of spots open for the Beta Test.

NeoFinder for iOS will:
- Display the catalogs you have loaded into your iPhone or iPad
- Download catalogs from a Dropbox account
- Search catalogs
- Display all Inspector details for a selected item, including embedded GPS, EXIF, IPTC, ID3 data, thumbnails, text previews, music lyrics, cover art, and all the stuff you are used to see in NeoFinder Mac and abeMeda for Windows
- Geosearch for photos and movies on a map

Only NeoFinder for iOS will allow you to search your NeoFinder catalogs on the iPhone or iPad, wherever you are!

NeoFinder for iOS will be officially released after the successful Beta Test and after Apple has approved it for its store. Stay tuned!

NeoFinder 6.5 available now!

NeoFinder Icon 128 px Alpha

NeoFinder 6.5 available now!

We are incredibly happy and proud to present the another big version of NeoFinder to you!

NeoFinder now catalogs many new file formats, is faster and more stable, and works better in Mavericks Mac OS X 10.9

Here is a short list of what is new in NeoFinder 6.5:

New Features:

  • NeoFinder now supports native App Nap in Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks for better performance
  • NeoFinder can catalog RED movie files (.r3d, if the REDCINE-X PRO software is installed)
  • The new WhereIsIt XML Importer is now much faster, and able to handle very large files, larger than 600 MB in size
  • The AutoUpdater now allows each catalog to be added more than once, so you can now update a catalog multiple times a day, if you want to!
  • The Inspector now shows the number of files and folders of a folder and all its subfolders. As that can take quite a while for a large number of items, it may take a moment for the actual values to appear, but NeoFinder does that in the background and never blocks the interface
  • The Tags are now displayed in the Inspector in a special new field, which allow you to select one and search for it!
  • The Inspector now shows a larger preview of an item in a separate window if you click in its icon
  • You can now catalog ID3 audio tags in WAV files
  • NeoFinder now catalogs BWF (Broadcast Wave Format) audio files
  • NeoFinder now generates preview for ".ts" video files, if ffmpeg is available
  • You can switch the menu bar QuickFind icon to grey
  • The QuickFind search field in your menu bar now has a Recent Items menu
  • You can now display all media files in a folder and all its subfolders, using the Find context menu on a folder
  • Two new AppleScript attributes make it easier to integrate NeoFinder in workflows: "searching" and "finder path" for Found iItems
  • You can catalog the contents of .srt (Movie Subtitle) files
  • The Find URLs now also offer a search for folders

  • Improved Export speed
  • Improved Import speed for several text based formats
  • Sorting the lists by the Media-Info column is a lot better now
  • Fixes a problem in which certain catalog database files could grow in size during usage
  • It is now possible to rename a catalog or a catalog folder by only changing the case of one or multiple characters in its name
  • Improves cataloging stability with certain malformed WAV files
  • Export now also contains the volume name of a catalog
  • Improved cataloging for certain PostScript fonts
  • Improves the generation of a thumbnail for MPEG movies shorter than 20 seconds (using ffmpeg)

And a lot more!

NeoFinder 6.4 is here!

NeoFinder Icon 128 px Alpha

NeoFinder 6.4 is here! Now in 64-Bit!

We are incredibly happy and proud to present the next big version of NeoFinder to you!

It is much faster, thanks to supporting 64-bit memory addressing, but also due to some amazing optimizations under the hood!

It also supports the new Tags in Mavericks, and the new from Apple.

Here is a short list of what is new in NeoFinder 6.4:

New Features:

  • NeoFinder is now a 64bit application. This allows for a lot of more memory to be used to deal with large catalog databases!
  • NeoFinder 6.4 has been certified to run in Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Cataloging now reads the new Finder Tags of Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks (this even works all the way back to Mac OS X 10.6!)
  • NeoFinder can now Find Duplicates in your database!
  • The cool new Movie Contact Sheet generates a customisable preview of one or multiple selected movie files as graphic
  • The Movie Contact Sheet also works for any arbitrary movie file you have selected in the Finder, using the NeoFinder Services menu!
  • NeoFinder now catalogs Adobe XMP metadata, like keywords and descriptions, for movie files!
  • The new NeoFinder Global QuickFind gives NeoFinder a place right in your menu bar, near the Spotlight search field!
  • NeoFinder can now import Cache-A catalog XML files!
  • A much improved memory engine increases overall application speed
  • Apples new Map application in Mavericks is connected to the Map in NeoFinder now
  • Massively improved MusicBrainz connection for cataloging Audio-CDs with better results for many disks
  • That new MusicBrainz code can also read Cover Art of Audio-CDs, if it is available at
  • ZIP archive files larger than 4 GB can now be cataloged as well
  • The column for the Total Items of catalogs now also displayed the sum of all items of all catalogs inside a catalog folder

  • Improved the regex search feature for names (only Mac OS X 10.7 and newer)

And a lot more!

NeoFinder 6.2.1 certified for Mavericks

NeoFinder Icon 128 px Alpha

NeoFinder 6.2.1 now certified for Mavericks!

NeoFinder 6.2.1 has been tested and works fine in the new Mac OS X 10.9, aka Mavericks.

Of course, as always, we suggest to wait until at least 10.9.2 before updating
productive systems to the new Mac OS X version.

NeoFinder 6.2.1 for Gatekeeper released!

NeoFinder Icon 128 px Alpha

NeoFinder 6.2.1 for Gatekeeper released!

That new security feature of Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8 is now supported by NeoFinder! This special issue of the proven code in NeoFinder 6.2.1 contains a digital signature that makes it more trustworthy for Apple.

NeoFinder 6.2.1 for GateKeeper is only intended for Mac OS X 10.7 or newer!

If you are using Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6, you can keep your existing NeoFinder 6.2.1.

NeoFinder features in TUAW

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 10.54.34

"In a nutshell, NeoFinder is like a supercharged Finder"

"The Unofficial Apple Weblog" writes this about NeoFinder in their blog:

Even with powerful built-in Mac OS X features like Spotlight and QuickLook, it can be so frustrating when you can't find exactly what you're looking for because you can't remember exactly where you put it.
If you work with large quantities of photos, audio files, video or documents, but have found yourself struggling to find that file -- it could be in any number of offline hard drives, discs or backups -- then NeoFinder if probably what you need."

We are thrilled to receive such a great review! Thank you!

NeoFinder 6.2.1 released!

NeoFinder Icon 128 px Alpha

Introducing: NeoFinder 6.2.1

This version not only brings a few new features, but also some important fixes and improvements, so updating is highly recommended!

This is a free update for all NeoFinder license key holders…

New Features:

  • You can now open Found folders in a separate window, using the new context menu command. That is super useful to view what is in a found folder
  • New menu command: QuickFind (with the menu hotkey Shift-Command-F), which will place the text cursor in the QuickFind field in the main window for you
  • NeoFinder now recognizes .epub files, and gets a thumbnail (requires a Epub QuickLook generator to be installed)

  • Find in 6.2 did sometimes skip certain catalogs, now they are all properly searched
  • The WhereIsIt Importer deals better with certain XML data of newer versions
  • Navigation "back" and "forward" now works better after using the Find context menu
  • The catalog selection for the Query Editor works better now, and remembers the open catalog folders for the next use
  • Several menu commands now works better, if certain windows are active
  • Page Setup for Content windows works now
  • The Inspector now shows the correct catalog folder number for LIBRARY
  • Fixes a potential crash when deleting a catalog
  • For AIFF and WAV files, NeoFinder had incorrectly shown the bitrate as kHz, even though the value displayed was actually Hz
NeoFinder 6.2.1 is a free update for all NeoFinder customers.
NeoFinder requires Mac OS X 10.5 or newer! If you still use Mac OS X 10.4, you should keep using CDFinder 5.7.3.
NeoFinder 6.2.1 is a paid update for old CDFinder customers More...

NeoFinder 6.2 released!

NeoFinder Icon 128 px Alpha

We are very excited about this brand new version of NeoFinder!

It brings some very amazing new abilities, such as the new color labels, but it also fixes a large number of issues, and generally feels a lot better. Give it a try!

This is a free update for all NeoFinder license key holders…

Some of the new Features:

  • Color labels! Mark any file, folder, or catalog with a color icon! You can turn that option on in the Labels preferences
  • Cataloging now supports fonts! Several formats are supported
  • You can now change the font size of all views in NeoFinder (in the View Settings!)!
  • NeoFinder now remembers the view settings for each catalog!
  • The FileMaker integration is back with a new sample database! This also means that certain Find parameters are now accessible by AppleScript again
  • New menu commands "Go Back" and "Go Forward" to ease navigation inside NeoFinder
  • Added a context menu for "Search These Items", for selected catalog or catalog folders!
  • The icon in the metadata of Blu-ray movie disks is now used for the catalog icon, if it exists
  • Folders inside archive files now have a different icon
  • New command Reconnect Catalog to reconnect a catalog to a modified (renamed or otherwise modified) original volume
NeoFinder 6.2 is a free update for all NeoFinder customers.
NeoFinder requires Mac OS X 10.5 or newer! If you still use Mac OS X 10.4, you should keep using CDFinder 5.7.3.
NeoFinder 6.2 is a paid update for CDFinder customers More...

Neofinder mentioned in Mac Geek Gab podcast!


NeoFinder mentioned in MacObservers Geek Cab podcast!

We are happy to report that MacObserver has mentioned the new NeoFinder in its rather geeky podcast Geek Cab.

Here is a link.

They explain why Spotlight is not working with external disks or network shares, and the situations in which NeoFinder comes in very handy!

We are very happy about this nice mentioning, and we hope you enjoy it, too!

NeoFinder certified for Mountain Lion!

NeoFinder 6.0.1 runs in Mountain Lion 10.8!

Today, we are proud to report that our certification has shown that NeoFinder 6.0.1 works fine in Apples new operating system, Mac OS X 10.8, nicknamed “Mountain Lion”. Roar!

There is one tiny visual glitch regarding the “Plus” button in the lower left corner of the main window, but that isn’t really a show stopper now, is it?

Everything else works as fine as it did in Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, and 10.7.

So NeoFinder runs in four major OS releases from Apple!

New NeoFinder Online Users Guide!

NeoFinder Icon 128 px Alpha
A complete rewrite is in the works!

The old CDFinder PDF Users Guide is currently being rewritten for NeoFinder.

In the process, we are switching from the static PDF to a more flexible online, web based form.

New chapters are added every day, and you can even follow this process here:

Enjoy, and send us feedback!

Your NeoFinder Team.

NeoFinder 6.0.1 released!

NeoFinder Icon 128 px Alpha

This brand new version of NeoFInder fixes a lot of small things, and even adds a couple of cool new features!

New Features:

  • Two new columns for catalogs in list view: Number of items inside the catalog, and free space on disk
  • The "Copy, Paste, Clear" commands for catalog icons are back in the Inspector!
  • The Inspector now shows all catalog related data
  • New command-L hot key to open or close the LIBRARY section
  • The Icon of a catalog now appears next to the name in the Inspector, looks better
  • Searching for duration now has a unit menu for seconds and minutes
  • Searching for fonts now uses file name suffixes, not the old FileType codes anymore
  • NeoFinder now displays the path of Spotlight results in the navigation bar
  • You can now import NeoFinder and CDFinder catalog files by just dropping them into LIBRARY
  • The Cataloging Settings window now also has an "Eject afterwards" option

  • Fixed several possible crashes during cataloging certain kinds of files
  • Updating an offline catalog now asks you to mount the volume
  • Fixed an error -47 when deleting catalog folders on certain kinds of file servers
  • Fixed several problems in the DiskCatalogMaker Importer
  • Cataloging contents of HTML files is now much faster than before
  • Searching for duration is now more reliable
  • The "Play Sound" and "Use PathFinder" options now work properly
  • Date conversion in the WhereIsIt XML importer works better now
  • Inspector now immediately updates the label menu when you change the name of labels
  • Improved cataloging of ZIP archives with Unicode file names inside
  • The Canto Cumulus Importer now warns you that it needs the UTF8 CRE file format
  • AutoUpdater displayed wrong error message. It requires a Business License
  • Fixed several minor bugs, and improved visual design in some places

NeoFinder 6.0.1 is a free update for all NeoFinder customers.

NeoFinder requires Mac OS X 10.5 or newer! If you still use Mac OS X 10.4, you should keep using CDFinder 5.7.3.

NeoFinder 6 is a paid update for most CDFinder 5.x customers More...

NeoFinder 6.0 is finally here!

32 Months of hard work

179 Exciting New Features

1 New Name

Introducing NeoFinder

NeoFinder Icon 128 px Alpha

After 16 years, we really had to drop the "CD" in the name of CDFinder, even though we really grew fond of it.

But since everything is new in that cool version 6.0, we went for the new name

NeoFinder is fully rewritten in Cocoa, has a beautiful new interface, and a LOT to offer.

Some of the new and amazing features include:

  • New Icon
  • Everything in one window, but you can of course view catalogs, folders, or albums in separate windows for much better workflow as well
  • New Column mode, to complete Icon and List mode
  • Fully integrated Inspector
  • Fully integrated map with GeoFinder
  • New Wikipedia Inspector for items with GPS geotags
  • Super-fast multi-core Find engine
  • Smart Folders
  • New powerful Find Editor has more options
  • Albums, to keep interesting items together
  • Better Browser-like navigation
  • Massively improved Audio-CD cataloging: Reads ISRC, MCN, and CD-TEXT from the disk, uses MusicBrainz for track titles
  • New Importers for Canto Cumulus and MediaDex CRE files, for WhereIsIt for Windows XML files, DiskCatalogMaker Export files, and Tolis BRU Tape Backup report files
  • Importer for iView MediaPro and Expression Media XML files now integrated
  • NeoFinder now catalogs, displays, and searches OpenMeta keywords!
  • AutoUpdater: Update your catalogs with a time schedule (requires business License)
  • Faster cataloging of photos

a LOT more!

We can offer you this amazing
new update for a very low price

NeoFinder is available today! Download the demo or
buy a license or an update now.

CDFinder 5.7.3 for Lion!

cdfinder logo
The brand new CDFinder 5.7.3 will now work fine in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, and fix a few small bugs.

Due to code changes that Apple has made in Lion, this new version is required if you wish to run CDFinder in Mac OS X 10.7.

Everything new in CDFinder 5.7.3:
- CDFinder now works fine in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
- Adds a link to the CDinder Facebook page in the Help menu
- Adds several new text macros for the Cover Print feature, please contact us if you want details
- Fixes a possible crash when cataloging certain malformed TIFF files containing XMP data
- Fixes a possible crash when cataloging certain Windows URL files

This is a free update to existing CDFinder 5.x users and required to run on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
For users of CDFinder 4.x and earlier, we offer the update for a small update fee.

CDFinder 5.7.2 released!

cdfinder logo
The new CDFinder 5.7.2 now catalogs Adobe InDesign CS5 and 5.5, and has lots of other improvements, too!

We are very happy to release this amazing update. It fixes all the little things that crept up during the past year, and even adds valuable new features.

And yes, something very big is coming later, too!

Everything new in CDFinder 5.7.2:
• CDFinder now catalogs thumbnails of Adobe InDesign CS5 and 5.5 documents, too
• The Eject menu now also includes externally connected Thunderbolt, USB, and FireWire drives, and also the icon of each volume
Added RAW cataloging support for ".erf" (Espon), ".3fr" (Hasselblad) and ".mef" (Mamiya) photos in Mac OS X 10.6
• CDFinder now creates thumbnails of JPG-2000 photos, too (name suffix .jp2)
Improved Find speed when getting more than 5000 hits
• You can now get the thumbnail of a Found Item with AppleScript
• FileCheck values are now exported as well
• Cataloging of QuickTime movie files with external references won't create error messages anymore
• Catalogs created by Roxio Toast now get a proper serial number as all other catalogs
• Exporting now ensures that IPTC tags won't add stray Returns to the text file
• Finally fixes the long standing error -43 when deleting catalogs from a database folder on certain file servers
• Fixes a problem reading the ID3 tags of certain MP3 file
• Fixes a problem cataloging certain NTFS disks
• Fixes a problem of properly sorting catalog names in the list views
• Fixes a problem cataloging certain TIFF files
• The DiskLibrary Importer can now be used from the Import selector window, too. Previously, only dragging the database file into CDFinder worked

This is a free update to existing CDFinder 5.x users.
For users of CDFinder 4.x and earlier, we offer the update for a small update fee.

CDFinder turns 15!

'twas 15 years ago today!
CDFInder 1.0 Screen Shot!

On a rather cold evening on December 10, 1995, chief developer Norbert M. Doerner wrote the first lines of code for a brand new Macintosh software called CDFinder.

Little did he know that this new pet project of his would turn out to be a highly successful product that would still be actively developed 15 years later.

For those technically interested, the first CDFinder code module was a progress window that showed the progress bar in color, which had to be manually drawn in 1995, because System 7.1 in that day only had a boring back and white progress bar. Yeah, those were the days.

The first version was released in April 1996, and only in Germany. The first english version was 1.1 released in May 1996.

We will definitely celebrate this amazing feat with a nice glass of Champagne tonight.

Thank you very much to all these 49,000 people who have purchased a CDFinder license in the past 15 years, and who helped us make CDFinder such a cool product!

CDFinder developer Norbert M. Doerner holds speech at photokina 2010

super secret Inspector in CDFinder 6.0
If you are interested in geotagging, and you ask yourself if that is simply placing photos on a map, you may wish to hear the speech of CDFinder developer Doerner at the biannual photokina expo in Cologne, Germany.

This free speech is hosted by the high tech forum SPECTARIS, and will take place on September 22, 2010, at 1:30 P.M.

Together with Sebastian Hofer from you will be able to have a first look at the exciting new GPS features of CDFinder 6!

Flyer (PDF, German, 156 KB)


We would love to meet you at
photokina 2010!

CDFinder 5.7.1 with iPhone GPS support and more!

cdfinder logo
The new CDFinder 5.7.1 now catalogs geotags in iPhone moves, and imports native DiskLibrary databases!

CDFinder 5.7.1 has these new features and fixes:
  • CDFinder can catalog the GPS tags in .MOV video files created by the Apple iPhone! That gives you the same geotag related features as with photos, such as starting a geosearch, or showing the point in Google Earth or on the built-in map
  • CDFinder has a new Importer for native Disk Library databases! CDFinder will gather thumbnails, and the metadata out of these catalogs. We also offer a very affordable cross-grade for all users who want to switch from Disk Library to CDFinder
  • CDFinder can now search for photos with no GPS tags
  • After updating a cataloged folder, CDFinder now stores the new folder size properly in the catalog
  • New Cover Print template "Envelope", thanks to William Haney!
  • Improved Spotlight search for "any text" to include file contents
Everything that is new in CDFinder 5.7.1 is listed here.

This is a free update to existing CDFinder 5.x users.
For users of CDFinder 4.x and earlier, we offer the update for a small update fee.

CDFinder on Facebook

See Development Happen!
cdfinder logo

Now you can follow the CDFinder development team on
Facebook and Twitter!

Twitter, you will find fresh and up-to-date comments about Apple development and related stuff, even some personal remarks of the chief CDFinder developer, Norbert M. Doerner.

Facebook, find longer, and more in-depth stuff regarding CDFinder and related topics.

Of course, we appreciate your
feedback in both social networks!

CDFinder on Twitter: cdfinder

CDFinder on Facebook: facebook button

CDFinder 5.7 - Better Cataloging and Geotagging

cdfinder logo
The new CDFinder 5.7 now catalogs better than ever, and has built-in geotagging!

Watch a video covering all the cool new features.

CDFinder 5.7 has these new features:
  • Cataloging Thumbnails of Adobe InDesign, Microsoft PowerPoint, Quark XPress, Apple Keynote and Pages files
  • Cataloging FLAC song files (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) song files, including all metadata, lyrics, and even cover art
  • Cataloging of movie files is much more robust, adds ".3gp", and creates better thumbnails in many cases
  • Thumbnails of Adobe Illustrator files are created even if the file is not "PDF compatible"
  • Cataloging previews of text files! The first 256 characters of Microsoft Word documents(.doc and .docx), RTF (Rich Text Format), TXT, “.textClipping”, and NFO files are read, saved, displayed, and of course searched
  • Geotagging directly with CDFinder! Use either the current position of Google Earth, or the location in CDFinders own GeoFinder, and write that GPS coordinate into your photos
  • A new Automator action allows you to catalog or update and disk or folder automatically, or even time scheduled with the iCal calendar!
  • New Japanese translation by Dr. Wilhelm. Domo Arigato!
  • Export photos directly within CDFinder! Select a couple of photos in CDFinder, use the "Export Photos to..." context menu, choose the format and size, done
  • Updating of very large catalogs (with more than 1 million files) is more than twice as fast, and more so on slow machines
  • QuickLook for any online files will now work in Snow Leopard (10.6) as well as in Leopard (10.5). Just hit the space bar for any selected item in a CDFinder catalog. If the original item is online, CDFinder will open the QuickLook window for you
Everything that is new in CDFinder 5.7 is listed here.

This is a free update to existing CDFinder 5.x users.

CDFinder and Green IT

Green IT and the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

Next week, politicians from all over the world meet together to talk. And talk. And talk. And talk even more.

CDFinder team is sick of talking, and started taking action.

Here is what we did so far:

- We switched our electric utility from a huge, coal burning supplier to a small and completely green one, only using solar, wind, and other efficient, and renewable energies.

Read more about this...

MP3-Info 2.0 released!

Pasted GraphicNew version 2.0 of the MP3-Info runs in Snow Leopard

MP3-Info is a free iTunes and Finder companion designed for Mac OS X (version 10.5 or 10.6, PowerPC- & Intel-Mac)

It displays information about audio files, such as their duration, the bitrate, and also some important MP3-Tags, such as the artist, the title of the song, lyrics, cover art, and some more, all directly with the Finder or iTunes! That can save you a lot of time when have to manage songs often. It also shows these information for AAC files created by iTunes, and WAV, and AIFF files.

And best of all: It is free!

So download and enjoy this amazing tool today!

What is new in MP3-Info 2.0?
  • MP3-Info is now an application, because Apple has killed the Context Menu Modules in Snow Leopard, most unfortunately!
  • MP3-Info now follows either your Finder selection, or the current iTunes song, or the iTunes selection. This makes MP3-Info an amazing iTunes companion!
  • Lyrics are being displayed in a separate and optional window. That way you can finally see the lyrics of the current song in iTunes while it is playing, without messing with the iTunes controls!
  • Cover Art is being displayed, if it is contained in the actual song file
  • Integration into allows you to tell the world what song you are currently listening to (uses a web browser)
  • Three different tag editing apps can be connected: ID3X, The Tagger, and Media Rage
  • Find similar songs in your CDFinder library with one easy click

More info about MP3-Info here

GPS-Info 2.0 Now Available!

Pasted Graphic
Apple kills CMMs, GPS-Info returns!

The recently released Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) adds cool new stuff, but not for the first time, Apple has also killed features. This time, the Contextual Menu Modules (CMM) were axed. So no really flexible context menus in the shiny new Cocoa Finder of Snow Leopard. Sigh. That was also the death of GPS-Info CMM.

But we didn't give up!

If GPS-Info can't run as a CMM in Snow Leopard, it will now be a compact and super fast utility application. And offer even better integration and features.

GPS-Info 2.0 screenshot

So download and enjoy GPS-Info 2.0!

More info about GPS-Info here

CDFinder runs fine in Snow Leopard

cdfinder logo
CDFinder 5.6.1 of course runs fine in Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)!

Now that Apple has release the new version of its operating system, we can tell you that CDFinder 5.6.1 runs fine in Snow Leopard!

There are tow small issues, though:
1. Since the QuickLook API has been changed in Snow Leopard, CDFinder 5.6.1 cannot display the QuickLook window for files currently online. We are working on a fix for that.
2. Since Apple has removed the contextual menu modules from Snow Leopard, the "CDFinder CMM" won't work in the new Finder. The CDFinder team was very disappointed by this loss of features in Snow Leopard, and we are working to find a solution. If you also think this is a problem, please make sure to tell Apple about this!

The very good news is that Apple has improved stability of the CoreImage framework that CDFinder uses to get photo metadata and thumbnails in Snow Leopard, so this will improve overall stability of CDFinder as well.

CDFinder 5.6.1 catalogs Elgato EyeTV recordings and more!

cdfinder logo
The new CDFinder 5.6.1 now catalogs EyeTV recordings, and has a beautiful street level map for the GPS search!

Watch a video covering the cool new features:

We are very excited about this new version. Not only does it fix some annoying bugs, CDFinder 5.6.1 also offers two really hot new features:
  • CDFinder now catalogs Elgato EyeTV recordings (.eyetv). CDFinder will show the thumbnail for the recording, and also important metadata as well, such as the EPG description, director, actors, and much more. All that is cataloged, displayed, and can of course be searched as well
  • The GeoFinder inside CDFinder now uses the street-level OpenStreetMap for the GPS search (requires 10.5 or newer)! That is much nicer than the built-in map, but since it requires Internet access, the old map is still available. Many thanks to Dirk Stichling!
  • New CoverPrint templates: one for US-Letter format Avery 5692 labels, and one more for the HP Photosmart Direct Print. Thanks a lot to Deneen Winchester-Ristow and David Robinson for their incredible help on this!
  • Double clicking a found item coming from iPhoto will now show this item in iPhoto. There is also a contextual menu command for this, too. You can get iPhoto results by using the GeoFinder, and asking it to search the iPhoto 8 database, too

All new features are listed here.

And best of all, it is a free update to existing CDFinder 5.x users, so go ahead and download it now!

CDFinder demo at Macintosh Asheville Computer Society Meeting

Macintosh Asheville Computer Society
We are very pleased to announce that CDFinder will be demoed during the upcoming June meeting of the Macintosh Asheville Computer Society M.A.C.S. So if you are nearby, make sure to attend this meeting!!

Additionally, the wonderful people at M.A.C.S. have updated their previous review of CDFinder to cover the latest version 5.6. Read the entire review. CDFinder gets the full 5-Clicks rating: "CDFinder is a well-written, self-contained program which does its job very well." The entire CDFinder team is really proud to hear that, and we appreciate this very much!!!

CDFinder 5.6 Now Catalogs Video Files!

cdfinder logo
We are happy to declare the new CDFinder 5.6 released!

This update contains a lot of new features, including:
  • Catalog thumbnails of video files - and not simply the first frame, but a frame from about 20% of the duration of the movie
  • Expanded geotagging support, including the ability to search the iPhoto 8 database from within the GeoFinder window of CDFinder, and a blazing fast parallel upload of multiple photos to the geophoto community
  • Cataloging has become more robust, and now includes the contents of ISO disk images, thumbnails of graphic files without proper name suffix, contents of RAR archive files larger than 4 GB, and now also the cover art of AAC files, and podcast textual information

All new features are listed here.

And best of all, it is a free update to existing CDFinder 5.x users, so go ahead and download it now!

CDFinder and Video Archiving

The popular video production blog has just published a long article about archiving large amounts of video data created in any video production.
(NAB Preivew: Cache-A LTO-4 Archive Drive for Video Pros)

They are suggesting to use CDFinder:
"As each tape is filled, we mount it on the desktop of the computer and use a program called CDFinder to create a catalog file of all contents of the tape. This usually only takes a few minutes per tape. Once complete, the tape is in the CDFinder database and can be searched from any computer in the office without the tape being loaded. Once we find what we’re looking for, we load the appropriate tape and retrieve the files. It has turned out to be a great system."

We are very happy about this interesting article that shows how CDFinder can be used in video production, and we are even more thrilled, because generating video thumbnails for CDFinder catalogs is a very cool new upcoming feature, and it seems we have hit a nerve with hat already...

CDFinder 5.5 available for Download!

cdfinder logo
The CDFinder team is proud to present you the new CDFinder 5.5.

A massive update with lots of new features, including:

  • Support for movie files
  • Much faster cataloging
  • GeoFinder to search for photos near a place, and KMZ Export
  • XMP Support for Integration with Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, and all other Adobe products
  • Many more cool new features and fixes

A complete list of all new features and fixes can be found here.

And best of all, it is a free update to existing CDFinder 5.x users, so go ahead and download it now!

MacTech Geotagging article

MacTech Magazine January 2009 Title image
The current issue January 2009 of the popular MacTech magazine contains a large article about GPS, geotagging, and the Macintosh.

Written by CDFinder developer Norbert M. Doerner, the article covers the addition of GPS data to digital photos, all the software and hardware needed, and how that additional information can be used by CDFinder to finally organize your ever increasing photo collection.

If you are further interested in this topic, the CDFinder web site already contains additional useful information (

CDFinder in Arizona

Norbert M. Doerner showed CDFinder features to Mac User Groups in Arizona

TMUG logo
On Wednesday, November 19, 2008, CDFinder chief developer Norbert M. Doerner has presented the current version of CDFinder, as well as an exclusive preview of CDFinder 5.5 to the members and visitors of the Tucson Macintosh User Group (TMUG) in Tucson, Arizona.

The next day, November 20, 2008, Doerner also gave a speech to the Arizona Macintosh User Group (AMUG) in Phoenix, Arizona.

It has been a great pleasure to hold these presentations! Both sessions were received very warmly by the audience, and a lot of interesting questions came up and were answered swiftly.

(If you are also running a Macintosh User Group, we can arrange a presentation at your group as well, or provide licenses for your raffles. Please contact us.)

Inside Mac Radio Interview!

The highly regarded popular internet radio station Inside Mac Radio has just released an interview with CDFinder chief developer Norbert M. Doerner.

Inside Mac Radio host Scott Sheppard talks with Doerner about the cool GeoFinder feature in CDFinder, which allows photographers to use GPS coordinates embedded in photos to quickly search for images taken at a specific point. The interview goes on about how CDFinder can help anyone to keep their precious data structured and organized, and how the popular cataloger tool can quickly find any data on any disk you have.

Here is the full interview as free podcast in the iTunes store.

The entire CDFinder team is very proud about this exciting interview!

Podcast MacBreak Weekly talks about CDFinder

MacBreak Weekly logo

They just keep coming! Yet another very positive review of CDFinder. This time, it is a podcast of MacBreak Weekly.

Alex Lindsay days: (at about minute 49 in the podcast, more info)

"We have 120 drives or something here... for backups and stuff. We run it through DiskTracker, which is kind of stone-age technology, to keep track of it.... CDFinder just builds a database of every file name that is on that drive, and if you are doing lots and lots of backups, you just scan these drives, and now you can just very quickly find what file is on what drive. We are just starting to use CDFinder, and as soon as I did the first scan, of my internal drive, I was like get rid of DiskTracker. CDFinder is light-years ahead of DiskTracker..."

Listen to the whole podcast review

We are thrilled to receive such a great review again! Thank you!! reviews CDFinder logo

And yet another cool review of CDFinder came in. This time, it is from the popular blog.

They write:

"CDFinder is essentially an asset manager that catalogues any file on any volume (CD-ROM, DVD, USB drive, etc). But media metadata are its speciality, and this indexing powerhouse has recently been extended to handle geotags and provide related functionality.

"Free updates since 1996" is nothing short of impressive. I reviewed the change log and that's 54 updates since the first English version was released. Not many companies can boast of such dedication to their existing customer base. The application menu even has a "Send e-mail to author..." option, again indicating a hands-on commitment to customer support (which is free). That kind of approach wins you loyalty."

Read entire review

The feedback from this review is very welcome to the entire team here, and we very much appreciate it!

Mac Recon also reviews CDFinder

Mac Recon Logo

The popular blog Mac Recon has written a really amazing review of CDFinder 5.1.

They write:

"CDFinder has a very clean, yet attractive, interface that works out perfectly and actually boosts its productivity. Some may even look at it as a streamlined Finder window because of how easy it is to gain access to any file within it.
But all the cataloguing would be useless if it didn’t have equally
powerful organizing and searching features. Fortunately, it does.
CDFinder is extremely powerful. It’s capable of handling millions of files (hard to test in a computer lab environment, though), and everything seems perfect."

Read entire review

Again, the CDFinder team is really happy to receive such positive praise! Thank you!

Ogle Earth reviews CDFinder

Logo of Oogle Earth Blog

The popular blog Ogle Earth has written a very positive review of the new GPS features in CDFinder.

They write:

"So what happens when the developer, Germany’s Norbert Doerner, gets bitten by the geotagging bug? Why, he turns CDFinder into a geosearch marvel.
You just know this stuff is eventually going to make it into operating systems by default, it’s just that it will take ages."

Read entire review

The entire CDFinder team is thrilled to be valued so much by such a prestigious blog. Thank you!! reviews CDFinder and CDWinder

logo of popular web site
The popular German digital camera web site has written a very long and detailed review of CDFinder and CDWinder.

They write:

"CDWinder is a disk cataloging application with a very comfortable and intuitive handling. It has a very fast search feature and many well-thought-of features."

Read entire review (in German...)

We are very happy bout this extensive and positive review!

Germany's Macwelt magazine says CDFinder is "very good"!

Macwelt Logo

In its recent issue December 2007, Germany's largest Macintosh magazine, Macwelt, has tested CDFinder 5 and found it to be very good!

The testers especially liked the low price and the very good user interface:
"CDFinder is the magnifying glass for files. It simply works without any trouble, and after a short while you won't ever want to do without it." (Macwelt issue December 2007, page 46)

The CDFinder team is very proud about this prominent praise!

CDFinder reviewed in! logo

In the current episode 51 of the wildly popular video podcast, producer Jeff MacArthur showcases the cool features of CDFinder. Just download this episode for free and look for yourself!

CDFinder reviewed by M.A.C.S.

The Macintosh Asheville Computer Society has written a really nice and detailled review about CDFinder:

Pros: Fairly intuitive and flexible, Mac-like interface; Individual items or entire catalogs can be deleted (without removing the original files from the disk ("DiskTracker", see below, actually deletes the "real" files!); Catalogs can be grouped into one or more folders; Powerful Export function; "Batch Create" for cataloging several CDs, one after the other; When printing, Disclosure Triangles are printed to the left of each folder, which makes them much easier to find in long listings; You can choose whether to catalog "Packages" or not. ("DiskTracker", see below, doesn't allow this.); Convenient separate program included to quick-catalog a disk.

Read entire Review