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Copyright Notice

By Norbert M. Doerner 1995-2022 © Copyright by West-Forest-Systems 1995-2022

The application "NeoFinder" and all included materials are protected by copyright law. You may not disassemble it or modify it with similar tools.
Your NeoFinder License Key may not be given to third parties.

You can install the NeoFinder License Key on as many computers as indicated by the number of users coming with the license. Please note that for server installations, you normally don't need to count the server as a user, please refer to the documentation. As a private user, you may install your NeoFinder Personal License Key on up to three personal Mac computers for your own use as well (but without the shared database, and without Auto-Update).

I am in no way responsible for any damage occurring as a result of the use of the software. As cataloging disks is a time consuming process, it is necessary and required to regularly backup your catalog files to allow you a quick disaster recovery.

NeoFinder can use a shared NeoFinder Database Folder on a file server only with a Business License.