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Will NeoFinder run in macOS 10.14 Mojava?


Very likely, yes.


For macOS 10.14, Apple has done some very unusual things extremely late in the beta period, like the addition of the completely undocumented "AppleScript Cage" in the very late Beta SIX.

You can find more technical details about this massive new problem here:

Also, Apple has made a lot of other undocumented "under the hood" changes that are creating a lot of problems with many regular Mac applications.

We are really concerned about the stability of all these late and undocumented changes made in macOS 10.14.

This looks similar to the failed Windows Vista, which by the way had the development codename "Mojave". Go figure.

Because of this, we will do the following:

We have already downloaded and installed macOS 10.14, the actual final release version, in our test setup.

Now we are runing NeoFinder 7.3 through the complete and exhaustive testing plan, and see what happens. This will take about two weeks.

If we need to make changes to get around new behaviour or new bugs in macOS 10.14.0 (Final), we will release a version 7.3.1 with the fixes needed for macOS 10.14, of course.

Should you upgrade your Mac to macOS Mohavre?

Not yet.

If you use your Mac at work, no, certainly not at this time.

Wait at least until 10.14.3 or better 10.14.4 have been released by Apple.


But that is true for all major new operating system releases.