Table of Contents       4. Organize your catalogs in NeoFinder

4.4 Change the icon of a catalog

A very cool feature of NeoFinder is the fact the custom icon of a volume gets cataloged as well. So you can usually see the same icon of the volume in the Finder, and in NeoFinder as well. Sometimes, that is just a pain, as some volumes have very ugly icons.

Fortunately enough, in NeoFinder, you can change the icon of any catalog!

The process is similar to that you use in the Finder to change icons. Select the catalog whose icon you want to change, and look at the Inspector. The little arrow icon just right to the icon of the catalog is a little menu.

The Icon command menu in the Inspector in NeoFinder

Use Copy or Paste in this menu to either copy the icon to the clipboard, or paste in a new icon from the clipboard.

NeoFinder even supports any icon or photo format, so you can copy any photo, and paste it here as a catalog icon.

A nice example is the
cover art for an Audio CD.

Catalog the audio CD with NeoFinder.

Then find the CD at a web site, like Amazon, where they have nice cover art for it. Copy the image to the clipboard.

Copy Cover Art for NeoFinder

Then just paste it in NeoFinder, and you are done! Ain't that cool?

Paste the Cover Art into NeoFinder