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26. NeoFinder and Web Security

As most modern application these days, NeoFinder uses a lot of web based resources during its normal operation.

Here is a list of them, so you can see what NeoFinder is doing.

When NeoFinder is launched, it will check to see if an
updated version is available. The standard Sparkle updater framework uses a safe communications channel to:

Wikipedia Inspector, when that window is actually open and a file with a Geotag is selected, uses this server to get a list of all interesting Wikipedia articles about nearby locations.
That server is also used to grab location names in the Map view, when you search for a place name.

If you use the
Map in NeoFinder 7.x to display Geotag information, NeoFinder 7.x uses the OpenStreetMap services at:
NeoFinder 8.x uses the built-in map of macOS.

When you
catalog Audio CDs, and ask NeoFinder to read MusicBrainz data for these disks, NeoFinder connects to:

If that Audio CD data from MusicBrainz contains information about cover art, and you have asked NeoFinder to catalog that cover art, too, NeoFinder will connect to:

When using the
Backblaze B2 cataloger, NeoFinder must of course to talk to their servers at:

catalog a Dropbox for you, NeoFinder must of course to talk to their servers at:

Little Snitch
Starting with NeoFinder 7.3.3, the Internet Access Policy of the popular Mac security tool
Little Snitch is also supported. For all outgoing network connections, NeoFinder will tell you exactly why it needs that connection: