Table of Contents       21. NeoFinder and Text files

21.2 NeoFinder and ePub files

ePub files are electronic books in a well defined format, and NeoFinder is able to gather some interesting metadata for these.

If the ePub contains cover art in a recognisable format, NeoFinder will display that as the thumbnail of the file for you. In most cases, this is the same as the book cover.

Also, NeoFinder reads the embedded "OPF" file that contains textual data, like the ISBN number of the book or ePub, information about the publisher, author and others.

epub cataloging


Some ePub files contain encrypted data, we have seen cases in which even the book cover as encrypted. NeoFinder cannot decrypt that data, so in these cases, the thumbnail will be empty. NeoFinder will add an "encrypted" text to the details.

NeoFinder will also read the content of separate .opf files and show the interesting data in the "Text Preview" section of the Inspector.

Due to copyright concerns, NeoFinder cannot read sections of the actual content of ePub files, only unencrypted metadata.