Table of Contents       20. Geotagging, GeoFinder, GPS, and KMZ

20.3 The Wikipedia Inspector

Yet another unique feature in NeoFinder is the amazing Wikipedia Inspector.

Displaying the GPs coordinate of a photo in the map is nice, but what is actually visible on this photo? Where is this location, and what interesting places are nearby?

The Wikipedia Inspector in NeoFinder answers all these questions for you!

Open the NeoFinder Wikipedia Inspector in the
Window menu:

NeoFinder will open a new window for you. Select any one photo with a geotag, and you will be pleasantly surprised by this:

NeoFinder shows you all Wikipedia records for places of interest near the geographical location specified in the photo. In this sample, the photo was taken near Fort Point, near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

NeoFinder even provides links to the full Wikipedia articles, and shows you the distances of the point described in the text to the place the photo was taken.

And that is not all!

You can select the text from the Wikipedia Inspector, and then maybe copy it to the NeoFinder database?

Or you can see what entries exist in the other languages of the Wikipedia, using the language menu near the top of the Wikipedia Inspector:

All text from

20.1 The Map and GeoFinder

20.2 Add geotags to photos

20.4 KMZ Export

20.6 Edit GPS View Direction and Altitude