Table of Contents       20. Geotagging, GeoFinder, GPS, and KMZ

20.1 The Map and GeoFinder

NeoFinder has a very cool map feature that will show you the location of any geotagged photo or video. The map is located in the Inspector area, and can be displayed and hidden with the Map button:

If you select any file that has a geotag, NeoFinder will display the proper region on the map, and place a pin in the exact location of the geotag. Just try it yourself with the first photo in the NeoFinder Sample Catalog!

And yes, you can then zoom, and drag the map around, just as you are used to do that in other apps.

But there are a lot more abilities hidden in that NeoFinder map!

The GeoFinder

One very cool ability is to search for all photos and movies in your catalogs that were taken in the currently visible map region.

To accomplish that, move the map to display the area you are interested in. Then all you have to do is click on the little loupe icon underneath the map:

Immediately, the GeoFinder in NeoFinder will search the entire catalog database, and display all photos and movies with a Geotag from that region of the map. That was easy, wasn’t it?

But there is even more!

20.2 Add geotags to photos
20.3 The Wikipedia Inspector
20.4 KMZ Export
20.5 Get the place name