Table of Contents       2. Installation

2.8 Uninstall NeoFinder

In the very unlikely event that you wish to uninstall NeoFinder on a computer, please follow these steps:

1. Make sure the NeoFinder Menu Bar QuickFind is not running any more, by turning it off in the

2. Locate and delete the NeoFinder Database folder. To do that, select LIBRARY in NeoFinder, and use the
Reveal in Finder command, either in the context menu, or the Special menu.
By default, NeoFinder uses a folder inside
/Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/NeoFinder/

Note: This will delete all your NeoFinder catalog files. If you wish to keep them, do not delete them!

3. Delete the NeoFinder application, probably located inside your
Applications folder

4. Delete the NeoFinder Preferences file, named
de.wfs-apps.neofinder.plist inside your local Preferences folder

To absolutely ensure that your Mac will delete all NeoFinder preferences, also run this command line in

defaults delete de.wfs-apps.neofinder.plist

5. Delete the NeoFinder folder in Application Support. This is also where NeoFinder stores your active license, if you have one.
/Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/

6. If you have used the Map in NeoFinder, also remove the folder

7. You can also remove the NeoFinder QuickLaunch cache file, named
de.wfs-apps.neofinder.quicklaunch.cache inside this folder: