Table of Contents                                                   14. Troubleshooting

14.4 Look inside - See the Log messages

Another incredibly useful tool for support is
Apples Console.

It displays a lot of textual information about all the programs running on your Mac.

You can find it in the
Utilities folder of your Applications folder.
If you launch, you will be greeted by a really long list of weird system messages that all the processes on your system have generated.

Please note that by default, your Mac is selected in the Devices part of the window. Unfortunately, that section only contains huge amounts of irrelevant messages that macOS generates for undocumented purposes.
What we are really interested in, and what actually contains helpful information, is the system.log. Please select that, and you will see a bunch of interesting stuff here.

Also, there is a powerful
Filter function available that will show you just the stuff you are interested in. You find the Filter at the top right corner of the window.

To see what messages NeoFinder has generated, type its name into the Filter field. After that, you will only see the messages actually coming from NeoFinder.
For example: If NeoFinder tries to generate a thumbnail for a certain file, and fails, you will see a message here for that:


You can also select that text, or parts of it, and use the Copy command in the Edit menu to copy the text to the clipboard, so you can paste it into an email, for example.

These messages are very helpful and important for our support. If something doesn’t go as planned, you will definitely see a message in the Console. Our support will absolutely ask you to gather messages from here.

And there is a second process involved in cataloging with NeoFinder, its name is
ThumbnailHelper. If you type that name into the Filter, you will see messages from that separate cataloging process, too.

As you can see, there is nothing to fear from Apples, but a lot to gain.