Table of Contents                           12.1 Get your NeoFinder Catalogs to the iPhone or iPad

12.1.3 Using Mail and other Apps

NeoFinder iOS is nicely integrated into the “Open with” feature of many iOS apps, like Mail, or GoodReader, or even the Dropbox app. This requires that the catalog files have a name suffix of either “.neofinder”, “.neofinder7”, “.cdw”, or “.abemeda7”, so iOS knows that NeoFinder can open these files.
If you have older catalog files without a name suffix, you can simply rename them on your computer before transferring them.

So to send your catalogs to your iOS device, either email them to yourself, or some other user running NeoFinder for iOS, or to use an app like GoodReader to access a folder on your server and use those catalog files.

As seen here, just tap on the attached catalog file in, and then select “Open in NeoFinder” in the dialog that shows up then.


This of course will also work fine for emails sent to you from Microsoft Windows, so you can send your abeMeda for Windows catalog files as well.

12.1.1 Using iTunes
12.1.2 Using Dropbox
12.1.4 Using AirDrop
12.1.5 Using iCloud Drive