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View as Gallery

To see one very large thumbnail, but also a list of all items contained in a folder or catalog at once, you can use the Gallery View.

selector gallery

Select a Catalog, and select the last section of the view selector in the toolbar of the NeoFinder window.

NeoFinder will show you a very large thumbnail of the selected file or folder, but also, underneath that, a smaller Icon View list with all the files and folders in the currently displayed catalog or folder.

gallery view content

There is also a menu at the bottom right part that allows you to sort the content by many of the fields that NeoFinder offers.

sort menu 2

Display Filter offers you a way to filter out unwanted items, such as XMP files, or those without a geotag or thumbnail.

View Options

The Icon View can be highly customised to suit your exact needs. If you open the
View Options, using the menu command in the View menu, you will have all options.

gallery view options

In this case, the View Options are meant for the Icon View underneath the big thumbnail, used for navigation and selection.

Video Player

If you work with video files, the Gallery View is able to play videos for you, if the original video file is currently online and of a type that macOS can natively handle, such as .mov, .mp4, and many .avi files.

Just select one video file in the navigation list, and then use the space bar n your keyboard to start playing, and pausing the video.

NeoFinder will show a regular video controller underneath the video, so you can scrub to any location, and adjust the playback audio volume.

More about this.

What is next?

3.1 Catalog one volume
3.2 Catalog many volumes (Batch Catalog)
3.3 Cataloging settings
3.5 Update existing catalogs
3.6 Import existing catalogs of other applications
3.7 Catalog a Folder
3.9 AutoUpdater: Update Catalogs automatically at a certain time
3.10 Exclude certain files and folders from cataloging

4.1 Create and use folders
4.2 Rename catalogs
4.5 Backup your NeoFinder database
4.6 Database Status
4.7 Move your NeoFinder to a new computer
4.8 Use color labels to mark interesting items
4.9 Rate your photos
4.10 Sort your NeoFinder catalog library
4.11 See what is in your catalogs - The fill bar

5.1 QuickFind
5.2 The Find Editor
5.3 Find Duplicates
5.4 NeoFinder QuickFind in the Menu
5.5 Spotlight Support in NeoFinder
5.6 The Find context menu
5.7 NeoFinder Search URLs
5.8 Find Similar Photos
5.9 Find Faces