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Kayak - Merlin.mp3

Size:15,2 MB (15.165.922 Bytes)
Created:22 Oct 2003 13:57
Modified:12 Sep 2008 17:07
Kind:Audio File
Path:Sample Catalog:Kayak - Merlin.mp3

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Album:Merlin, Bard Of The Unseen
Genre:Progressive Rock
Bit Rate:256 kbps
Sample Rate:44.100 kHz
Channels:Joint Stereo
LyricsFinding the treasures that lay hidden in my lonely cave Holding the secrets which were born inside this crystal grave I'm the seeker my mind's my tool Call me magician or fool... There's a place in the hills Where I practice my skills Bard of the unseen, a prophet- I'm Merlin My dreams are real I've seen it all in the stars I've heard it all in the wind There's a voice in the dark Making me answer the sign Only the Gods choose the time For the voice in the dark Take a look at the Falcon make sure that I'll follow its trail Leading through the Wild Forest you know he's in search of the Grail I'm Merlin I know how to cope When visions appear in my globe The sorcerer in the black robe I am Merlin Though my face is a mask yet I know what's my task I'll be guardian of Arthur, the regent, the future king The fire of wisdom reveals me everything The mirror flashed, a vision passed As I heard voices sing... I'm always living alone An ancient cave is my home See the look in my eyes They think I'm a mysterious man Cause people do all they can To avoid evil eyes Making signs just to ward off enchantment but don't be afraid If you're ever in need of me I'll surely come to your aid I've been given the gift of the Sight I'm Merlin the Child of the Light My power can strike people blind I am Merlin

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