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Comment:Hint: Use the contextual menu on any photo with the red GeoTag icon at the bottom right corner. In the context menu, use the "GPS -> Reveal in Google Earth" to let NeoFinder show you the exact location where this photo was taken.
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Created:12 Aug 2006 18:10
Modified:11 Jun 2007 13:56 Document
Path:Sample Catalog:1 IMG_4083.JPG
Tags:Finder Tags Photo Golden Gate Bridge

EXIF (Photo Info)

Description:Golden Gate Bridge at night
Camera Maker:Canon
Camera Model:Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL
Copyright:© by Norbert M. Doerner
Exposure Time:5 sec.
Focal Length:25 mm
ISO Speed Rating:100
Date Created:12 Aug 2006 07:10
Location:11.773975 -19.641647


Caption:Golden Gate Bridge at night
Keywords:San Francisco
Copyright:© by Norbert M. Doerner

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