Set up NeoFinder to share the catalog database in the network

NeoFinder stores its catalog database files inside any specified database folder, so you can simply use a network server to host that folder to share your catalogs among multiple users in your workgroup.

NeoFinder in a Network

As the separate tool
abeMeda for Windows uses the very same data format as NeoFinder, you can even share your data across platforms this way (on both Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows)!

Set up NeoFinder for network use in three easy steps:

1. Create a new folder on a server volume. Name it "NeoFinder Catalogs" or something similar. Make sure that this folder can be accessed by all computers which will run NeoFinder on Mac or abeMeda on Windows.

2. Install and configure NeoFinder on every machine. Please make sure you have enough licenses for NeoFinder, as the networking feature will only work if you have a sufficient number of licenses.

3. Tell every NeoFinder copy to use the "NeoFinder Catalogs" folder on the server as the database folder. Use the NeoFinder Preferences for that:

NeoFinder Preferences

Click on the "Change" button, and select the folder you have created in step one.

Now repeat this very same procedure on every Mac you want to use (and you have NeoFinder licenses for!).

As NeoFinder uses the regular Preferences mechanism of Mac OS X for this, you can use a management tool like
FileWave or Apple Remote Desktop to distribute these settings to all machines.

That's it! Now that was simple.

There are a few extra things to be considered:

This really requires a Business License for NeoFinder! You must have one license for every Mac computer in the network you want to run NeoFinder on. It makes no difference if you actually store the NeoFinder application on your file server...

Make sure that both platforms can access the catalog data folder. Most current servers will allow that.

It doesn't matter which computer platform the server uses, as long as both Mac and Windows can access the catalog data folder.

If you do not wish that every user in the network may change the catalogs in the data folder, just use the access privileges that your server provides! Allow only one or a few administrators write access to the catalog data folder and its subfolders, while everyone else just has read access. NeoFinder will honor these access rights and handle accordingly.

As Windows does not allow for some special characters in the names of files and folders, NeoFinder will not use some of them when it comes to naming catalogs. The "/" char is not allowed, a "." at the end of a name, and generally blanks at the end of names, too. For catalog files, that is no big deal, as the catalog file name can be different from the actual name that you see in the NeoFinder windows. But that same limitation is true for catalog data folder names, and in that case there is only one name...

As abeMeda for Windows and NeoFinder for Macintosh are developed and sold by two different companies, it is necessary to obtain licenses for the two applications separately.

Please contact:

* about licensing NeoFinder for Macintosh (or look here)
* about licensing CDWinder for Windows (or look here)