NeoFinder Sample Use - Switcher

You are coming to macOS from another platform, be it Mac OS 9, or Microsoft Windows?

Or your current cataloging software has been abandoned (
MediaDex? Extensis Portfolio? Aperture? DiskLibrary? FileFinder? iView MediaPro from PhaseOne? "Media Catalog"?), and you still have loads of disks and data to catalog?

Chances are, NeoFinder can import and use your existing catalog database already!

NeoFinder currently imports catalog files of these applications:

Canto Cumulus and MediaDex (CRE files), WhereIsIt (Windows, XML), DiskCatalogMaker (Text export), Tholis BRU, DiskLibrary, Disk Recall, DiskWizard, Iomega FindIt, Portents DiskTracker (1.x and 2.x), Catalogue, CatFinder, "Neometric" Catalog , Broken Cross Disk Manager (Windows, XML), FileFinder, Advanced Disk Catalog (ADC for Windows, XML), Extensis Portfolio, PreRoll Post CSV LTO catalogs, Yoyotta LTO CSV reports, iView MediaPro and Microsoft Expression Media (XML export), "Media Catalog" (CSV export files).

Also, please notice that NeoFinder can read a LOT more meta data than any other disk cataloger at this time. So importing foreign catalogs will only give you a small fracture of the possible benefits of NeoFinder. In the long run you may want to re-catalog some or all of these disks, to have NeoFinder read the MP3, AAC, EXIF, Adobe XMP, and IPTC meta data, and also to get beautiful photo thumbnails.

And what is even better: We offer cross-grade options, just
ask us!

So if you use a different disk cataloger today, and you are not happy with it, switch to NeoFinder!