NeoFinder Sample Use - Advertising Agency

A large number of well-known
advertising agencies already use NeoFinder in their daily business to control their portfolio of digital data.

They usually finish a project for a specific customer, and then burn the whole project data on two DVD-ROMs or save it on two hard disks. One of them goes into a safe storage, while the other is accessible in a specific archive location or office.

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That disk is then catalogued with NeoFinder.

As a copy of NeoFinder (or abeMeda, was CDWinder for Windows) is installed on every computer in the agency network, and the catalog database is stored on the central file server for access by everyone (read more about how to configure that), every single user can quickly search the entire database for certain project files.

Since NeoFinder understands a lot of meta data that is catalogued for every single file and folder, searching a specific item can be done very efficiently, such as by a date, or the size of a folder, or of course by name.

When it comes to photo files, NeoFinder even stores a thumbnail and meta data such as the color depth of a photo, or the size (and a lot more, such as
EXIF and IPTC data).

So questions like: "Where is that Photoshop file we had used last year in the ad of customer xyz, and quickly!" can be answered by using NeoFinder!