Table of Contents       9. AppleScript

9.4 Change the preferences of NeoFinder

At this time, the only preference you can change is the location of the database folder that NeoFinder uses. But this already allows you to quickly switch between multiple database folders, if you need them.

For example, we use a small database folder for testing, and a complete, very large database folder for actually using NeoFinder in our own development environment.

Two small AppleScripts allow us to quickly change between these folders:

tell application "NeoFinder"
set database folder path to "/Users/norbert/Desktop/Test-Folder/"
end tell

Enter the above lines into the Script in your Utilities folder, and save it as a Script inside the Scripts folder of NeoFinder. Then it will be available to you directly from inside the menu of NeoFinder! See: 9.2 The Scripts menu and folder