Table of Contents       3. Catalog your data

3.17 Catalog your Dropbox


Only NeoFinder can catalog your entire Dropbox contents directly, too. No other software needed!

Here is how this works.

Use the “Dropbox Connector” command in the
Special menu of NeoFinder. This new window will appear and show you the connection status of your Dropbox:

db disconnected
In this case, you need to connect to the Dropbox service with NeoFinder first. Simply click the “Connect” button. A new window will appear where you can enter your Dropbox user name and password. This window is totally controlled by Dropbox, so NeoFinder will never see your password.

If you were successful at connecting to your Dropbox, the Connector window will show your account email.

dp connected
Now you can Catalog or Update an existing catalog of the content of your Dropbox. In this example, NeoFinder already has a catalog of that Dropbox account, so only Update is available as an option. Clicking it will cause NeoFinder to see if you have made changes to the content of your Dropbox:
dp cataloging
But cataloging and viewing the content of your Dropbox is far from all that NeoFinder can offer here.

dp content

You can use NeoFinder to download files from your Dropbox easily. Simply select a file, and use the “Save copy as...” command in the Item menu, and NeoFinder will happily download the selected file form the Dropbox to your local disk.
dp downloading
And that is not all!

You can
rename files and folders in NeoFinder, and NeoFinder will rename these items in your Dropbox as well.

Also, you can
delete files or folders from both NeoFinder and your Dropbox, in one simple operation.

Isn’t that cool?

Please note that the official Dropbox framework that NeoFinder uses requires Mac OS X 10.10.5, so this whole feature will not work in previous versions of Mac OS X.