Table of Contents       3. Catalog your data

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3.12 Catalog disks with a Time Machine backup

Time Machine is Apples easy-to-use personal backup system, and cataloging disks containing that data with NeoFinder require two special settings to work.

1. Apple uses a special folder, called a “bundle” or “package”, to hide the actual content of the backup from you. The name of the folder is

By default, NeoFinder ignores the content of such bundles, so if you wish to catalog a Time Machine backup, the first option to be considered is the
Ignore Package Contents option, in the Cataloging Preferences of NeoFinder.

2. Time Machine uses a huge number of hard links, or
Alias files inside every such backup folder. A really really large number of them. NeoFinder tries dutifully to catalog all of those, but that can take a very long time, increasing the size of your NeoFinder catalog a lot.

As these hard links or aliases are not very interesting, you can tell NeoFinder to simply ignore them, and catalog a Time Machine backup disk smoothly.

Here is a how the
Ignore section of the Cataloging Preferences in NeoFinder should look like, in regards of Alias files and Package content. This way, you can safely and successfully catalog a disk that contains a Time Machine backup.

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