Table of Contents       10. Export Catalogs

10.1 Web Galleries

Another great way to share your photos or other work on the Internet is to use a web gallery, and NeoFinder makes this really easy for you.

Please note that this requires a NeoFinder Business License.

Simply select the catalog or folder you want to export, and use the
Export Web Gallery command from the File menu.

As usual, NeoFinder will ask you for some details:

You can have your HTML web gallery as a List or an Icon view style, just like in NeoFinder.

Then, you can chose if all items in this catalog or folder are to be exported, or only the first couple of folder levels.

A great details page can also be added for each file in your catalog. It will contain all the details that NeoFinder knows about, much like the Inspector.

And last, you can add your own text that will appear on every single exported HTML page, both in the top area, and the bottom. As that text is real HTML, you can also use some HTML tags for the text, like bold and italics. You can use it to place your company name and web site there, or copyright information.

NeoFinder will then generate an HTML file and a folder with additional files.

Upload these two to your web server. A nice FTP tool that we can recommend for his job is

Here is a sample NeoFinder Web Gallery of the NeoFinder Sample Catalog:

And this is the Details Page of the first item:

We hope you enjoy this cool new feature of NeoFinder 7!