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All updates require a valid CDFinder license of the same number of users (or for a cross-grade, a valid license of the other product)
We offer
updates for all other license packs in any size, please contact us for an offer!

License Expansions and Updates

To update from CDFinder, use the menu above and select one of the updates. Expand the number of your existing NeoFinder licenses at any time. Just send us an email and we will give you a price quotation. We also offer user packages in any sizes.

Cross Grades

Purchase a Cross-Grade to a NeoFinder Private License for only 19.90 Euros! Select the option "NeoFinder Private License Update" in the Updates section above.
We accept valid licenses of DiskTracker, DiskLibrary, CatFinder, FileFinder, CatDV, AtomicView, DiskCatalogMaker, iView Media, Phase One Media Pro, Canto Cumulus, Extensis Portfolio, WhereIsIt (Windows), Broken Cross Disk Manager (Windows), Advanced Disk Catalog (ADC for Windows), Wincatalog (Windows), and CDWinder for Windows. If you have another similar application you wish to use for the cross-grade offer, please contact us.

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Norbert M. Doerner
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VAT number: DE216969064

You need one license for every computer you use NeoFinder on.
*The NeoFinder Private license allows installation on up to three of your personal Macs.

Prices are subject of change without further notice.

You also use Windows? Try abeMeda for Windows (was CDWinder) from Andy Becherer, it will use your NeoFinder catalogs seamlessly!