MP3-Info 2.0 released!

Pasted GraphicNew version 2.0 of the MP3-Info runs in Snow Leopard

MP3-Info is a free iTunes and Finder companion designed for Mac OS X (version 10.5 or 10.6, PowerPC- & Intel-Mac)

It displays information about audio files, such as their duration, the bitrate, and also some important MP3-Tags, such as the artist, the title of the song, lyrics, cover art, and some more, all directly with the Finder or iTunes! That can save you a lot of time when have to manage songs often. It also shows these information for AAC files created by iTunes, and WAV, and AIFF files.

And best of all: It is free!

So download and enjoy this amazing tool today!

What is new in MP3-Info 2.0?
  • MP3-Info is now an application, because Apple has killed the Context Menu Modules in Snow Leopard, most unfortunately!
  • MP3-Info now follows either your Finder selection, or the current iTunes song, or the iTunes selection. This makes MP3-Info an amazing iTunes companion!
  • Lyrics are being displayed in a separate and optional window. That way you can finally see the lyrics of the current song in iTunes while it is playing, without messing with the iTunes controls!
  • Cover Art is being displayed, if it is contained in the actual song file
  • Integration into allows you to tell the world what song you are currently listening to (uses a web browser)
  • Three different tag editing apps can be connected: ID3X, The Tagger, and Media Rage
  • Find similar songs in your CDFinder library with one easy click

More info about MP3-Info here