CDFinder runs fine in Snow Leopard

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CDFinder 5.6.1 of course runs fine in Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)!

Now that Apple has release the new version of its operating system, we can tell you that CDFinder 5.6.1 runs fine in Snow Leopard!

There are tow small issues, though:
1. Since the QuickLook API has been changed in Snow Leopard, CDFinder 5.6.1 cannot display the QuickLook window for files currently online. We are working on a fix for that.
2. Since Apple has removed the contextual menu modules from Snow Leopard, the "CDFinder CMM" won't work in the new Finder. The CDFinder team was very disappointed by this loss of features in Snow Leopard, and we are working to find a solution. If you also think this is a problem, please make sure to tell Apple about this!

The very good news is that Apple has improved stability of the CoreImage framework that CDFinder uses to get photo metadata and thumbnails in Snow Leopard, so this will improve overall stability of CDFinder as well.