CDFinder 5.7.1 with iPhone GPS support and more!

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The new CDFinder 5.7.1 now catalogs geotags in iPhone moves, and imports native DiskLibrary databases!

CDFinder 5.7.1 has these new features and fixes:
  • CDFinder can catalog the GPS tags in .MOV video files created by the Apple iPhone! That gives you the same geotag related features as with photos, such as starting a geosearch, or showing the point in Google Earth or on the built-in map
  • CDFinder has a new Importer for native Disk Library databases! CDFinder will gather thumbnails, and the metadata out of these catalogs. We also offer a very affordable cross-grade for all users who want to switch from Disk Library to CDFinder
  • CDFinder can now search for photos with no GPS tags
  • After updating a cataloged folder, CDFinder now stores the new folder size properly in the catalog
  • New Cover Print template "Envelope", thanks to William Haney!
  • Improved Spotlight search for "any text" to include file contents
Everything that is new in CDFinder 5.7.1 is listed here.

This is a free update to existing CDFinder 5.x users.
For users of CDFinder 4.x and earlier, we offer the update for a small update fee.