CDFinder 5.6.1 catalogs Elgato EyeTV recordings and more!

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The new CDFinder 5.6.1 now catalogs EyeTV recordings, and has a beautiful street level map for the GPS search!

Watch a video covering the cool new features:

We are very excited about this new version. Not only does it fix some annoying bugs, CDFinder 5.6.1 also offers two really hot new features:
  • CDFinder now catalogs Elgato EyeTV recordings (.eyetv). CDFinder will show the thumbnail for the recording, and also important metadata as well, such as the EPG description, director, actors, and much more. All that is cataloged, displayed, and can of course be searched as well
  • The GeoFinder inside CDFinder now uses the street-level OpenStreetMap for the GPS search (requires 10.5 or newer)! That is much nicer than the built-in map, but since it requires Internet access, the old map is still available. Many thanks to Dirk Stichling!
  • New CoverPrint templates: one for US-Letter format Avery 5692 labels, and one more for the HP Photosmart Direct Print. Thanks a lot to Deneen Winchester-Ristow and David Robinson for their incredible help on this!
  • Double clicking a found item coming from iPhoto will now show this item in iPhoto. There is also a contextual menu command for this, too. You can get iPhoto results by using the GeoFinder, and asking it to search the iPhoto 8 database, too

All new features are listed here.

And best of all, it is a free update to existing CDFinder 5.x users, so go ahead and download it now!