CDFinder 5.6 Now Catalogs Video Files!

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We are happy to declare the new CDFinder 5.6 released!

This update contains a lot of new features, including:
  • Catalog thumbnails of video files - and not simply the first frame, but a frame from about 20% of the duration of the movie
  • Expanded geotagging support, including the ability to search the iPhoto 8 database from within the GeoFinder window of CDFinder, and a blazing fast parallel upload of multiple photos to the geophoto community
  • Cataloging has become more robust, and now includes the contents of ISO disk images, thumbnails of graphic files without proper name suffix, contents of RAR archive files larger than 4 GB, and now also the cover art of AAC files, and podcast textual information

All new features are listed here.

And best of all, it is a free update to existing CDFinder 5.x users, so go ahead and download it now!