These free video tutorials will help you use NeoFinder, and find all the exciting features in this powerful digital asset management software.

If you have a specific idea or need, just let us know, we appreciate feedback very much!

(these are currently being updated for NeoFinder 7.x, please stay tuned...)

NeoFinder Tutorials

NeoFinder Introduction (15:24)

As a starter, this brand new "Mac OS X Screencasts" tutorial shows you what NeoFinder can do for you.

General CDFinder Tutorials (more new Neofinder tutorials are in the making)

CDFinder QuickStart Introduction (3:51)

As a starter, this video tutorial shows you what CDFinder actually is, and how to use it for cataloging, finding, and browsing your data. You will see the Inspector in use, the cataloging preferences, and the Stack Cataloging.

Catalog your data (3:56)

Let us show you how CDFinder can quickly catalog your data. Not just entire disks, but also just folders, too. And see how all the cataloging preferences work for you, and how you control what CDFinder gathers for you. Of course, updating existing catalogs for volumes with modified content is covered here, too.

Find your stuff (5:46)

We think that CDFinder has the best Find tools available. Just see for yourself what CDFinder can Find. Covering QuickFind, and the many many cool options in the Find window of CDFinder. See how to search for certain types of files, and also see how to make the best of the possibilities of CDFinder. This also covers the mighty contextual menus of CDFinder, giving you quick access to similar files.

Share your CDFinder database in the network (2:26)

Simply cataloging your own data is one thing, but in a company network, sharing the common data archive is the most powerful feature of CDFinder ever. See for yourself how easy it is to set up a shared CDFinder database folder on your sever, and how to set up the behavior of CDFinder in that scenario.

New Features in CDFinder 5.7 (7:35)
This video covers all new features of CDFinder 5.7, especially the cataloging of Adobe InDesign, Quark XPress, and text files, as well as the new ability to quickly add geotags to your own photos. Also shown here is the ability to export your photos into a different format, and how to change the icon of a catalog. The Automator action to schedule cataloging and updates in CDFinder is show, too.

New Features in CDFinder 5.6.1 (3:11)
See the two very cool new main features of CDFinder 5.6.1 at work: The brand new cataloging of EyeTV recordings, and the new street-level map for the GeoFinder, powered by OpenStreetMap.